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MSNB(for Barack!)C is “Shocked, I tell you!” to learn that obama is as subject to the force of gravity as the rest of us. Sorry Mika! Here, have a cupcake; it will make you feel a lot better!.

** PROWL **

The median salary for a flight attendant in the United States is $55,000 a year. A typical flight attendant can expect to also pay about $7,000 a year out of her paycheck to buy health insurance for herself and her family. (and it will probably be craptacular health insurance at that, but I digress.)

The salary for a United States Senator is $174,000 a year. A United States Senator can expect to pay about $3,000 a year out of his paycheck to buy Federal health insurance for himself and his family. (and it is FABULOUS health insurance coverage at that.)

Charles Schumer is far from the richest member of Congress, but he’s still worth somewhere between $400k and $1,000,000. A lot more than your average flight attendant. So when Senator Charles Schumer calls a flight attendant a bitch for doing her job, that makes him a Class “A” JACKASS.

Let him know by contacting his office today. Copy and paste the message below and paste it into an email to Senator Jackass HERE (use this address on the web form: 60 Madison Avenue, Suite 1026 New York, NY 10010): http://schumer.senate.gov/new_website/contact.cfm

Dear Senator Schumer,

You may think you’re better than a lowly flight attendant who’s simply doing her job, but calling her a Bitch, makes YOU a Jackass!

Wake up — Americans are paying attention to the United States Senate, and we are REALLY LOOKING forward to seeing you ALL on the Unemployment Line with the rest of us peons ASAP!


Your Name
Puma PAC Member


In other news, via Nicholas Kristof, an excerpt from a new speech by Jimmy Carter.

“The truth is that male religious leaders have had – and still have – an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. This is in clear violation not just of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Moses and the prophets, Muhammad, and founders of other great religions – all of whom have called for proper and equitable treatment of all the children of God. It is time we had the courage to challenge these views and set a new course that demands equal rights for women and men, girls and boys.”

What an odd phenomenon to watch these prominent men (like Kristof and Carter) who seem to be singly focused on ending, or at least protesting, women’s oppression. Remember Carter’s break from his church last summer? And Kristof appears to be genuinely devoted to this one cause. How unusual for a man, or men, to take on this issue on its own, and not as part of some other supposedly “larger” or more “universal” goal (like pacifism, or climate change, or HIV prevention). Far be it from me to spend more than a sentence or two praising their efforts, but I WILL note that they may be actually unique in the history of man(and I do mean MAN)kind.

In other news, I never fail to be mortified by the AWESOME BLOGS I forget to put in the blogroll. I know roofingbird as a sometimes commenter at The Confluence. I should have known by the brilliance, insight, and compassion of her comments that she is also a top notch blogger. Dang.

Also great are: Puma Eyes (that’s Puma -SF), lightpond, and  AfroCity Brown. Check them out. And do your Prowl. It’s good for you, like vegetables. And exercise



The Stupak Amendment —  A Puma Pac Call to Action!


If you believe that women’s rights are human rights then it is time to take a stand.  The Stupak Amendment takes away our right to make reproductive choices free of government interference. Yesterday we learned that our right to coverage for mammograms in our 40’s was also deemed “unnecessary.” What will tomorrow bring?

It is time for all women, Puma’s and like-minded people, to tell our elected officials that we have had enough.   It is time to tell them that our right to control our own bodies is just that.  It is our right and it cannot be legislated.

If they do not hear us now they will hear us when they are up for re-election.  Our rights are not bargaining chips. Women are not second class citizens.  The right to make decisions about our bodies and our reproductive rights belongs to us.  If you are tired of women’s reproductive rights being used as a “wedge” issue then it is time to call your senator.

It appears we have been sold out by the Democratic Party.  We are being used and it is time to let them know that “no means no” and we will no longer be the quiet majority.  It is time to let them know whether they are Republican or Democrat that we will no longer tolerate our rights being used in political games of Chicken.

Print out a copy of the bumper sticker below. Fax it to Your Senators and the following:

  • Your Senators’ Fax Numbers– click HERE
  • Nancy Pelosi: 202-225-4188
  • Harry Reid: 202-224-7327
  • White House: 202-456-2461


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Dear Puma PAC,

Today is Hillary’s birthday!

Send your birthday wishes to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton by copying and pasting the following Puma PAC card into an email and sending it to the email addresses below.

(We have a good feeling about your email messages being delivered directly to the Birthday Gal.) Don’t forget to add your name to the email before you send it.

Thank you and Good Luck,

If you can’t get the cupcake birthday pic into your email,
Just print out the whole card and fax it to: 202-663-3636

Send email to: info@nolimits.org, prowl@pumapac.org, (also paste your message HERE.)

Copy and Paste this message:
October 26, 2009

Best birthday wishes to the most inspiring person in politics today.

You may never know how deeply you inspire women in every city and town in the USA.

Keep being you.


Your Name
and Your Friends at Puma PAC (pumapac.org)

Woulda, Coulda, Shouldaby murphy on October 9, 2009

in PROWL, Women Who Smoke

simar_000 Read more about Sima Simar by clicking on the photo. 

Here are the other, actually worthy, candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. We’ll probably never know why the five Norwegians chose to snub these brave and effective people in favor of a neophyte figure head. Prowl to the Prize Committee follows.

**** TODAY’S PROWL ****

Copy and paste a copy of Lana’s wonderful letter — or edit it to suit your style and mood — and send it to:
 postmaster@nobel.nolibrary@nobel.no , prowl@pumapac.org, hardball@msnbc.com, caffertyfile@cnn.com, comments@mclaughlin.com, Cavuto@foxnews.com, LouDobbs@cnn.com, hemmer@foxnews.com, headlinenews@cnn.com, hannity@foxnews.com, gretawire@fox.com, writemalkin@gmail.com, elrushbo@eibnet.com, charlierose@pbs.org, staff@heritage.org

Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee,

I write to you as one of the many Americans who are shocked that our president, Barack Obama, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. While he has made many speeches on the subject of peace, he has yet to accomplish anything in that area. In fact, he had been in office only 12 days before the deadline for the prize applications. This leads us to believe you have awarded a prize based on campaign speeches. Obama may deserve the award in the future, but he certainly does not now.


Further disturbing are the reports of nominees who did not win: Dr. Denis Mukwege, doctor, founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo; Sima Samar, women’s rights activist in Afghanistan who with dogged persistence and at great personal risk, kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime; and Greg Mortensen who risked his life to build schools in Pakistan and Afganistan. All of these people have dedicated (and risked) their lives to helping women and chidren.


Why weren’t any of these people chosen?


American polls right now show that 70% of Americans do not believe Obama has done enough to earn this honor. In fact, we believe the Nobel Peace Prize has been tarnished with this selection.


Though it is too late to undo the damage you have done to the reputation of your Prize, I hope you will not repeat this mistake in the future and that you will do all you can to restore the good name of the Peace Prize.



Your Name

Puma PAC Member (http://pumapac.org)

How Angry Are You?by murphy on August 24, 2009

in Join us!, open thread, profound question of the day

MandL tugofwar SISTERS, OUTER BANKS NC, AUGUST 22, 2009. 

These are useful psych tests — and NOT only for those of us quitting smoking. I took the Anger Test, the Coping, and the Type A Personality test. Veddy interesting. I’ll share my results in comments. You do the same!

Stop HR 3200by murphy on July 31, 2009

in Action, America 2.0, Health Care, PROWL, congress!, hogwash!, profound question of the day


From the Black Agenda Report, via the always excellent Violet Sox:

Top Ten Ways To Tell that Obama is NOT Fighting For Health Care For Everybody

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

1. Their plan doesn’t cover the uninsured until 2013.
2013 isn’t “day one.” It’s not even after the midterm election. It’s clear after the president’s second term, if he gets one. Congress passed Medicare in 1965 and president Lyndon Johnson rolled out coverage for millions of seniors in eleven months, back in the days before they even had computers.22,000 Americans now perish each year because they can’t get or can’t afford medical care, and this year three quarter million personal bankruptcies will be triggered by unpayable medical bills. Why this president and these Democrats are in such a hurry to pass health care now that doesn’t take effect till two elections down the road doesn’t make sense in any kind of good way.

2. Their “public option” isn’t Medicare, won’t bring costs down and will only cover about 10 million people.
The “public option” was sold to the American people as Medicare-scale plan open to anybody who wants in that would compete with the private insurers and drive their costs downward. But in their haste not to bite the hands that feed them millions in campaign contributions each hear, the president and his party have scaled the public option back from a Medicare-sized 130 million to a maximum of 10 million, too small to put cost pressure in private insurers. Worse still, the president and his party are playing bait-and-witch, not telling the public they have reduced the public option, to nearly nothing.  

This remnant of a public option is not Medicare, as Howard Dean insists, and it will not lead to the sort of everybody-in-nobody-out health care system that most Americans, whenever they are surveyed say they want.

Some Senate and House Democrats want to ditch even the pretense of a “public option” in favor of something they’re calling a private insurance “co-op”, which as near as anybody can tell has the same relationship to an actual cooperative that clean coal has to actual coal.

3. The president and his party have already caved in to the drug companies on reimporting Canadian drugs, on negotiating drug prices downward and on generics.
This explains why Big Pharma, the same people who ran the devastating series of anti-reform “Harry and Louise” ads to spike the Clinton-era drive to fix health care are spending $100 million to run Obama ads using the president’s language about “bipartisan” solutions to health care reform.

4. The president and his party have received more money from private insurers and the for-profit health care industry than even Republicans, with the president alone taking $19 million in the 2008 election cycle alone, more than all his Repubican, Democratic and independent rivals combined.
Democratic senator Max Bacaus got $1.1 million in 2008. Democratic senators Harkin, Landreau and Rockerfeller each got over half a million, and Senator Durbin got just under half a million. Other Democratic senators got a little less. Four Democrats in the House, Rangel, Dinglell, Udall and Hoyer got over half a million apiece in 2008, with other Democrats not far behind.  

Is there any wonder that the insurance companies, like the drug companies are also running “bipartisan health care reform” commercials using the president’s exact language?

5. The president’s plan, and those of Republicans and Democratic blue dogs too, will require families to purchase health insurance policies from private insurers.
This is something the policy wonks call an ‘individual mandate”, under which Individuals will be “mandated” to purchase affordable insurance, though companies would not be required to offer it. In Massachusetts, the prototype state for the Obama plan, a family with an income of $33,000 can be required to spend $9,000 in deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses before the insurance company is obligated to pay a dime. As in Massachusetts, public money is used to purchase private insurance for the very poorest citizens. With the revenues of insurance companies on the decline, individual mandate programs are a welcome bailout for the private insurance industry.

6. The president’s plan, and those of Republicans and Democratic blue dogs too, could force you to buy junk insurance.
Think about an insurance policy that costs a lot, but is full of loopholes, exceptions and steep deductibles and co-payments. That’s junk insurance, and for many it’s the only insurance companies offer. Even more pernicious is the widespread practice among insurance companies of “recission” in which claimants are routinely investigated and disqualified in the event that they finally make a claim. Insurance companies admit they do this to half of one percent of policies per year. That means if you hold a health insurance policy twenty years, you don;t have insurance – you have a ninety percent chance of having insurance.

7. The president’s plan, as well as those of Democratic “blue dogs” and Republicans, are to be funded in part with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.
Private insurance companies have always hated Medicare because it is far more efficient than they are. Medicare’s administrative expenses are under five percent, as compared with the one third of every health care dollar taken by the for-profit insurance companies for their advertising, bad investments, billing and denial machinery, executive salaries and bonuses. Private insurers have, over the years, purchased enough influence in Congress and previous White Houses to restrict Medicare’s payment rates and partially privatize it. But president Obama’s plan, perhaps the most friendly to Medicare and Medicaid, calls for over $300 billion in cuts to the programs that now provide medical care to those with the fewest options, while failing to guarantee that care will come from elsewhere. In Massachusetts right now, hospitals are turning away poor people they used to be able to provide care for because funding that used to go to those institutions is now plowed into the state’s “individual mandate” system.

8. The president, with the cooperation of corporate media and the Republicans is trying to make the argument about himself instead of a discussion on the merits of his policy.
The president and his critics are happy to talk about whether this will be “his Waterloo”, or his Dien Bien Phu, as if that matters more than the 22,000 Americans who die each year from lack of medical care, or the three quarter million who will go bankrupt because of unpayable medical bills. The concentration on whether the president looks good or bad takes up air, ink, and coverage time that might otherwise be spent explaining what is and isn’t in the various proposals, and why.  

If the president were not afraid of his own supporters publicly examining the merits and demerits of his proposals, he would mobilize those 13 million emails and phone numbers collected during the campaign. The reason he has not sone so already is that most of his own supporters favor a Medicare-For-All single payer health care system, HR 676.

9. The president and his party, and the corporate media have spent more time and energy silencing and excluded the advocates of single payer health care, mostly the president’s own supporters, than they have fighting blue dogs and Republicans.
But no matter how diligently the spokespeople for single payer are excluded from media coverage andinvitations to Obama’s policy forums and round tables, no matter how many times the White Housecuts their questions from transcripts and video of public events, the calls, emails and letters keep pouring into Congress and the White House demanding the creation of a publicly funded, everybody-in-nobody-out system, a Medicare-for-All kind of single payer health care plan.

10. Despite the president’s own admission that only a single payer health care system will deliver what Americans want, he and the leaders of his party insist that Medicare For All, HR 676, us utterly off the table.
Before he became a presidential candidate, Barack Obama identified himself as a proponent of a single payer health care system. All we had to do, he told us, was elect a Democratic congress and senate, and a different president. Now that this has been done, he insists that “change” is just not possible, and we have to settle for less. The president continues to admit that only a single payer health care system will cover everybody, but insists that America just can’t handle that much change.  

The truth is that Barack Obama campaigned as the candidate of change, and a health care system that covers everybody from day one with no exceptions is what people imagined they voted for when they swept him and an overwhelming number of Democrats into office.

A single payer Medicare-For-All system will eliminate 500,000 insurance company jobs and replace them with 3.2 million new jobs in health care for a net gain of 2.6 million new jobs according to a study by the National Nurses Organization. That’s as many jobs as the US economy lost in all of 2007. Single payer will create hundreds of billions in annual wages and local and state tax revenues for cash strapped cities and towns. It will lift the shadow of bankruptcy for medical reasons from two thirds of a million American families yearly. It’s what we deserve.

It’s what we voted for, and we won’t stop demanding it.

*  *  *  *  * TODAY’S PROWL *  *  *  *  *

Copy and paste the above Ten Reasons into an email to all your friends and family (Be sure to include Bruce Dixon’s byline — he put a lot of work into developing that list and deserves credit). Remind them that obama is silencing critics ON HIS LEFT more strenuously than he is fighting the corporate interests who want the broken health care system to remain exactly as it is so they can keep the gravy train flowing.

Liberals in Congress appear to finally be joining in the fray and realizing what Pumas, and people like Violet Sox, have been saying for eighteen months:

“My problem with Obama is that he’s not liberal enough. If anybody’s a crypto-Republican, it’s him. The Obama movement combines all the worst elements of Republicanism into one juggernaut package: Rovian cheating, Reaganesque marketing, Bushian pseudo-religious fervor, wingnut propaganda, mindless worship of authority, hatred of women, contempt for the disadvantaged, and of course GOP political positions on everything from FISA to the environment.”

– Violet Sox

Part II — Contact your representatives in Congress by clicking HERE and send them an email saying:

STOP HR 3200.
It is a junk bill which no one has read or understood and is chock-full of loopholes and give-aways to special interests.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

 HR 3200 is a dangerous bill. Of all the mega-bills obama has proposed in the last six months, each of which provided its own special component of middle class attack, THIS one has the potential to do the most serious and painful damage to the middle and working class. Reread #4, #5, and #6. These objections are 100% valid — critics from the left, right, and center agree on all three.

Have you ever had “Junk Insurance”? It’s really, really bad — if you get sick and find out your insurance is junk (and no one ever knows they have crappy health insurance UNTIL they are already sick, not an excellent time to be confronted with the prospect of bankruptcy and a protracted paperwork battle with a billion-dollar corporation) there is pretty much NOTHING you can do about it. Humiliating and menacing calls and letters from collection agencies don’t take a break just because you’re recovering from surgery or resting after chemotherapy. They DO NOT CARE that you are facing devastating choices and realizations during an illness — THEY WANT THEIR MONEY dammnit, and to them you are no different than a spendthrift who ran up her credit card at the shopping mall: a deceitful, irresponsible, and failed consumer.

I live in Massachusetts, where we have a mandated health insurance plan that is the model for parts of  HR 3200. Not only is it failing poor people, it’s also infuriatingly ineffective at covering working people. Actually Mass is actively trying to avoid covering working and middle class people, because “just three years after mandating that residents get health insurance and requiring employers, insurers and taxpayers to chip in, Massachusetts has yet to control soaring costs that are eating up half its budget.”

What’s happening here in Massachusetts is what will happen if HR 3200 is passed. The bill has NO WAY to control costs, and so, just like is happening right under my nose, health care costs will continue to SOAR under HR 3200. Then the government will be forced to control how much it spends (not by limiting costs of course — THAT would be painful to the corporations) but by CUTTING PEOPLE OFF THE ROLLS. First they’ll make legal immigrants ineligible (for example the spouses of American citizens who are fully legal, tax-paying residents of their communities), and then they’ll start making it impossibly difficult for working class people to qualify so that those people will give up and buy (crappy) private insurance — anything to keep them off the rolls. Whatever mess of a “public option” makes it alive through the HR 3200 wrangle from hell, rest assured it will be much worse than the spectacularly bad plan we have here, which is not only failing, but taking the Ship of State down with it.

Just yesterday I was talking with a recently married nanny who has no health insurance. Her new husband’s plan won’t cover her and she cannot get coverage from the Massachusetts public plan unless she becomes pregnant. She plans to have children but is waiting until they’ve saved up enough money to do some renovations and be able to afford a maternity leave (neither of their employers offers parental leave of course). SO, Massachusetts is basically telling them: forget about saving money — just get pregnant now so you can have health insurance! 

Great public policy huh?



* * * * * Please PROWL * * * * *

Contact The Nineteen in every way you can. Call, fax, email, and mail THIS NOTECARD or THIS POSTCARD to their offices. AND use Rancho’s letter below to fax/email to The Nineteen.

If your own rep is on this list, raise HOLY HELL with their office. How dare a woman rep go out of her way to honor a golfer at the same time she REFUSES to honor the woman who made it LEGAL for her to hold the sacred job she has!?

I am posting this letter, an EXCELLENT one by Rancho, to use in your emails and faxes. It really cuts to the heart of the matter. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for The Nineteen. Also, after the letter, I’m posting the full addresses and contact info for The Nineteen. In future I’ll simply link to this post for people to get the contact info.

Thank you VERY much to Rancho and PumaBear, MK, gojoy, and others who have worked tirelessly on this effort.


The Honorable _____________

It has recently been brought to my attention that you co-sponsored H.R. 1243, which would provide for the award of a gold medal on behalf of Congress to Arnold Palmer in recognition of his service to the Nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship in golf. 

Records indicate, however, that you are one of 39 women in the House of Representatives who have not yet signed on to co-sponsor H.R. 406, which would award a Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of Alice Paul’s role in the women’s suffrage movement and in advancing rights for women.

Alice Paul dedicated her life to securing suffrage and equal rights for ALL women, and was instrumental in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  It is because of her, and others who fought with her, that YOU are able to vote, as well as be a representative in your state. 

As cited in the Congressional findings, (Sec. 2, #12) Few people have played a greater role in shaping the history of the United States than Alice Paul.

As a member of Puma PAC, People United Means Action (http://pumapac.org) I implore you to join your “sisters” in the House who have already supported this important bill, and make it a unanimous bipartisan representation of ALL WOMEN!

Please contact Jenny.Sarabia@mail.house.gov today to co-sponsor H.R. 406!


Your Name

Puma PAC Member

*    *    *    *    *


Following are the 19 WOMEN Co-Sponsors of H.R. 1243-Arnold Palmer/golf  but NOT H.R. 406-Alice Paul/suffragette Congressional Medal bills. Send them a postcard, letter, and Fax. To email them, simply click HERE and click on their state. It’s easy, fun, free, and VERY GOOD for venting frustration at the utter madness of it all.

* The Honorable Tammy Baldwin-Wisconsin
United States House of Representatives
2446 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-4902        
DC Phone: 202-225-2906
DC Fax:  202-225-6942

* The Honorable Melissa Bean-Illinois
United States House of Representatives
432 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-1308        
DC Phone: 202-225-3711
DC Fax: 202-225-7830  

* The Honorable Marsha Blackburn-Tennessee
United States House of Representatives
217 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-4305        
DC Phone:  202-225-2811
DC Fax:  202-225-3004

* The Honorable Corrine Brown-Florida
United States House of Representatives
2336 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0903
DC Phone:  202-225-0123
DC Fax: 202-225-2256  

* The Honorable Lois Capps-California
United States House of Representatives
1110 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0523
DC Phone: 202-225-3601
DC Fax:  202-225-5632

* The Honorable Kathy Anne Castor-Fllorida
United States House of Representatives
317 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0911
DC Phone:  202-225-3376
DC Fax:  202-225-5652

* The Honorable Rosa L. DeLauro-Connecticut
United States House of Representatives
2413 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0703
DC Phone:  202-225-3661
DC Fax:  202:-225-4890

* The Honorable Anna G. Eshoo-California
United States House of Representatives
205 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0514
DC Phone:  202-225-8104
DC Fax:  202-225-8890

* The Honorable Virginia Foxx-North Carolina
United States House of Representatives
1230 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-3305
DC Phone:  202-225-2071
DC Phone:  202-225-2995

* The Honorable Marcia L. Fudge-Ohio
United States House of Representatives
1513 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-3511
DC Phone: 202-225-7032
DC Fax: 202-225-1339

* The Honorable Jane Harmon-California
United States House of Representatives
2400 Rayburn House Office Buiilding
Washington, D.C.  20515-0536
DC Phone:  202-225-8220
DC Fax:   202-226-7290

* The Honorable Carolyn Kilpatrick-Michigan
United States House of Representatives
2264 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-2213
DC Phone:  202-225-2261
DC Fax: 202-225-5730

* The Honorable Mary Jo Kilroy-Ohio
United States House of Representatives
1237 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-3515
DC Phone:  202-225-2015
DC FAX:            202-225-3529

* The Honorable Cynthia Lummis-Wyoming
United States House of Representatives
1004 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-5001
DC Phone:  202-225-2311
DC Fax: 202-225-3057

* The Honorable Carolyn McCarthy-New York
United States House of Representatives
2346 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-3204
DC Phone:  202-225-5516
DC Fax:  202-225-5758 

* The Honorable Candice Miller-Michigan
United States House of Representatives
228 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-2210
DC Phone:  202-225-2106
DC Fax:  202-226-1169

* The Honorable Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-Florida
United States House of Representatives
2470 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0918
DC Phone:  202-225-3931
DC Fax:  202-225-5620

* The Honorable Jackie Speier-California
United States House of Representatives
211 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0512
DC Phone: 202-225-3531
DC Fax:  202-226-4183

* The Honorable Maxine Waters-California
United States House of Representatives
2344 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515-0535
DC Phone:  202-225-2201
DC Fax:  202-225-7854


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