Lone survivor says Ramos killed his dad, brothers

The lone survivor of a 2008 street shooting in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood tearfully insisted Wednesday that murder defendant Edwin Ramos was the gunman who killed his father and two brothers, although he conceded he had gotten only a glimpse of the shooter before ducking to avoid being slain himself.

“When you see something like that, you don’t forget,” Andrew Bologna, 21, testified as he recounted the afternoon attack June 22, 2008, that claimed the lives of his father, 48-year-old Tony Bologna, and brothers Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16.

“I know Ramos was the driver and the shooter,” Andrew Bologna said. “I remember seeing his face … his gun … his white T-shirt.”

He broke into tears repeatedly, as did relatives in the packed courtroom, as he told how the killer had shot up the family’s Honda Civic as the Bolognas returned home from a family barbecue in Fairfield.

Bologna said he had been in the backseat directly behind his father, who was driving, when a charcoal-color Chrysler 300 blocked the Honda from crossing Congdon Street at Maynard Street.

“He blocked us completely,” Bologna said. “I didn’t even know why he was blocking us.”

His father slowly reversed to allow the Chrysler to turn onto Congdon, and the gunman pulled up alongside, coming within a foot or so of the family car, Bologna said.

He said his father appeared to be bewildered at what was going on. Then the younger Bologna looked at the gunman, who fired.

“I saw him,” Bologna said. “He was staring at my dad, mugging him, giving him a mean look. That’s when he pulled out a gun.”

Bologna said he had ducked and avoided being shot as the family car rolled backward down a hill and crashed into a parked car. He got out and saw the Chrysler drive off, apparently toward Highway 101.

His father and brothers, one in the front passenger seat and the other sitting next to him in the back, were mortally wounded.

“I didn’t know what was going on – it was like a movie,” Bologna said. “They shot my family like that, it doesn’t make sense.”

Prosecutors say Ramos, an alleged member of the MS-13 gang, mistook at least one of the Bologna sons for a rival gang member. Ramos was bent on avenging an earlier shooting of an MS-13 member, prosecutors argue.

Marla Zamora, Ramos’ lead defense attorney, has told the jury that another man in the passenger seat of Ramos’ car was the triggerman. Ramos, 25, was just a “fall guy” for MS-13 and the government, she said.

In cross-examination Wednesday, she pointed out that Bologna had given a different account of the shootings during Ramos’ preliminary hearing. Then, Bologna testified, “I ducked when I (saw) the gun,” not after the shooting began, Zamora noted.

Bologna also testified Wednesday that he had seen his father being shot before ducking.

“I did see Ramos pull out his gun and shoot my dad,” he said.

He insisted that even after getting just a brief glimpse of the gunman, he was sure Ramos was the killer.

Prosecutor Harry Dorfman noted that Bologna had told police after the shooting, “I got a good picture of him.”

As he left the stand, Bologna’s mother, Danielle, embraced family members.

“I raised a good kid,” she told them.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/01/25/BAL41MUBIL.DTL#ixzz1kXlTvMic


Happy Memorial Day Barack (its hard work to be president)

This Memorial Day, the President has decided to break with tradition.  Yep, the change agent has decided to take a powder on paying his respects to our men and women in the military by visiting Arlington Cemetery. 

Yo, the Hip-Pop Prez & his family are heading for Chi-Town to kick off the summer this Memorial Day Weekend.  Yes indeed, the community organizer from the Southside of Chicago is heading back to Chi-Town.  He & the first family will arrive on Thursday night where they will visit with friends and participate in private events.   And to show his support for our military, he’ll remain in the Southside of Chi-Town and take 15 minutes to make a few remarks at the nearby Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

I mean, visiting Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day would be so much like all those other Presidents on the dollar bills….you know – the ones that Candidate Obama continually reminded us that he [doesn’t] look like?  Wink,wink.

I mean it’s not like we’re in 2 wars, have serious illegal immigration issues, or experiencing one of the worst economic recessions & most catastrophic oil spills in our nation’s history in the gulf of Mexico…..etc, etc.  


Happy Memorial Day.   

Grab a smoke, have a martini, sit back, relax & enjoy the BBQ – cuz Barack has everything under control!

Life is goin’ great for the 1st Family.

So it’s all good…..right?


Rising Calls for President Obama To Apologize To The Nation

https://i2.wp.com/z.about.com/d/middleeast/1/0/o/6/-/-/0425-obama-lie-armenia.jpgThe national non-partisan immigration enforcement organization known as ALIPAC is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly apologize to the Congress, media, and the entire nation for lying about illegal immigrants having access to health care reform benefits.

“Considering the large volume of evidence suggesting President Obama lied in his speech before Congress, he should follow Congressman Joe Wilson’s example and apologize immediately,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Many people feel Joe Wilson was rude, but that is pale by comparison to the President of the United States of America intentionally lying to Congress, the media, and every American.”

Obama’s claim that illegal aliens would not be covered by his health care reform plans have been disproved by the lack of enforcement measures in HR 3200, Democrat party line votes blocking any enforcement amendments to the bills, the fact that the US Senate is now moving to close loopholes Obama said did not exist, and the Congressional Research Service analysis showing Obama’s comments to be incorrect.

Further evidence that Obama intends to offer these benefits to illegal aliens are found in the fact his initial national estimates of the number of uninsured in America included over 6.6 uninsured illegal aliens.

President Obama also told Katie Couric in a recent interview he plans to push for a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens and that would qualify them for all taxpayer benefits and American jobs.

The Congressional Research Service analysis notes “that most of the language in the main House bill does not include illegals — but has few mechanisms for enforcing this. The bill’s individual mandate to get coverage does include illegals.” (Investor’s Business Daily, 9/11/2009)

A recent Rasmussen poll showed that 83% of Americans oppose taxpayer health care benefits for illegal aliens in the United States.

Congressman Joe Wilson has announced that he will not apologize again for his comments and FOX News is reporting the Congressman’s website is under Cyber attack after raising close to 1 Million dollars in the few days following his “You Lie!” outburst.

“President Obama came to power asking Americans to BELIEVE in what he was saying and that belief has given way to ‘YOU LIE’,” said William Gheen. “Every American, regardless of their race, political party, or stances on health care reform or illegal immigration suffers when a sitting President lies to the nation.”

The recent dust up between Congressman Joe Wilson and President Obama is leading to more immigration enforcement in the US Senate, where Democratic leaders are rushing to close the loopholes that Obama claimed did not exist.

https://i1.wp.com/logo.cafepress.com/nocache/0/4629151.3127880.jpgWilson’s ‘YOU LIE’ comment may have also stymied US Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) plan to introduce Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY legislation this past week. The Obama administration cannot promote Amnesty on top of health care reform, without making the President’s recent lie more obvious.

“Over time the truth will get out there and Obama’s support levels will fall even more just like Bush,” said William Gheen. “Obama just lied about his illegal alien weapons of mass job destruction.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is a non-partisan, mulit-ethnic, national grass roots organization fighting against amnesty and illegal immigration that has endorsed the campaigns of Congressman Joe Wilson since 2004. ALIPAC’s supporters are calling their members of Congress today to request pressure for Obama to apologize.

ALIPAC’s comments on the Wilson Vs. Obama conflict appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Congressional Quarterly, and National Public Radio.

Bet Aunt Onyango doesn’t hyphenate!

Group Calls On Obama To Deport Aunt

Aunt Onyango Was Living In Boston Housing Development


The first family hyphenates, clinging to the African Roots that they never experienced in Princeton or Harvard or any of the private schools that Obama and now his daughters, received their education. 

Actually, when you really think about it, Obama spent much of his lifetime living outside of America.  

Getting back to Illegal Immigrant Aunt Onyango.  How much do you want to bet that Aunt Onyango doesn’t hyphenate?  (I know she’s illegal so she cannot technically hyphenate by default – but if Philip Berg is correct; that Obama is not an American Citizen, it demonstrates that you don’t have to prove you’re an American Citizen in order to use the “hyphen” nor to become the POTUS!     

BOSTON — A national group is calling on President Barack Obama to deport his aunt, an illegal immigrant who was living in Boston. 

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC filed an arrest request with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and issued a public demand for Obama to deport Zeituni Onyango.

 Onyango is currently under a court’s order to leave the country or be deported, according to ALI-PAC.

Onyango is currently living in Ohio and has vowed to fight against being deported. Four years ago, an immigration judge instructed her to leave the country after her request for asylum from her native Kenya was rejected.

 “President Obama has promised the American public that his administration will honor the principles of open government, the Constitution and the Rule of Law,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Obama must either deport his aunt or destroy his own credibility by showing her favoritism.”

Last year, Onyango was found living in Boston. Obama said that he didn’t know that one of his relatives was living in the city illegally and believes the appropriate laws should be followed.

 A spokeswoman for the Boston Housing Authority said when Onyango was given public housing she met all federal and state standards. The deportation order came a year later, according to Lydia Agro. She said the BHA was never notified of the order.

Can I see a show of hands for how many believe that Obama is gonna text Aunt Onyango from his blackberry and give her the boot?  Anyone, anyone……no?  That’s what I thought.