Richmond Gang Rape Update #7

Today the judge had to decide which of the seven defendants would stand trial and on what charges they will face.  The only defendant not to face charges is Cody Ray Smith.  He is the youngest of all the defendants and he is also the one who lured Jane Doe to come party with him and his friends.  What is so dispicable is Jane Doe considered him a friend.  They have known each other for three years.  There were issues with his Miranda rights as well as other issues so the little focker walks.  He should rot in hell.

MARTINEZ — Six defendants on Tuesday were ordered to stand trial on felony charges in the Richmond High School gang rape, while all charges were dismissed against the seventh and youngest defendant.

Judge Gregory Caskey said he did not find sufficient evidence as to any criminal behavior by Cody Ray Smith, 16, of San Pablo. Smith is to be released from juvenile hall tonight. His family broke down in tears when the decision was announced.

You can read the entire article as well as see of video of the defendants leaving the court-house here.  They did not look one bit remorseful in fact one of the sheriffs was laughing with one of the defendants.

The lead prosecutor said this was one of the most complicated cases she has ever seen.  There were so many witnesses and they were not cooperative, lots of testimony as well as DNA.   One of the jackasses involved, Elvis Torrentes,  is claiming that his sperm was found because he had consensual sex with Jane Doe.  Yeah, right, a$$hole.  And to top it off a second defendant is claiming he had consensual sex with her as well.

The judge also significantly reduced charges against 23-year-old Elvis Torrentes of Richmond – whose attorney contends he had only consensual contact with the victim before leaving the courtyard. Torrentes may soon be freed on $100,000 bail.

The other five defendants still face up to life in prison if convicted.

I love this quote for the prosecutor:

“It proves the old adage, ‘If you have a murder in hell, you’re not going to have angels for witnesses,'” prosecutor Dara Cashman told Caskey during her closing argument Tuesday.

You can read the entire article here.  I have no idea how this will play out but my thoughts this Christmas season is with Jane Doe.  I hope that she finds peace and can somehow find herself again.


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