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Update on the Richmond gang rape

The preliminary hearing for the horrific gang rape has started and some of the gruesome details are emerging. The officers who responded and the nurses who treated her have begun their testimonies.  There are lots of stories now so I will post some of each story and provide the link.  It’s heartbreaking so proceed with caution.

A Richmond police officer choked up in court Monday as he described what he called one of the worst experiences in his career – finding the 16-year-old victim of last year’s gang rape at Richmond High School slung half-naked over a bench, bloodied and vomiting while her alleged attackers ran from the scene.

“She was wet and clammy,” Officer Todd Kaiser testified, struggling with his words and clenching his jaw. “I thought she was dead. The only thing touching the ground were the tops of her feet and the side of her face.

You can read the full story here. http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-11-16/bay-area/24833880_1_preliminary-hearing-robbery-charges-police-officer

This is from one of the nurses who attended to her:

Anamaree Rea, a licensed nurse and sexual assault response team coordinator at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, said she and a colleague conducted an interview and a complete head-to-toe emergency medical exam of the student the day after the assault—just hours after she regained consciousness in John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

On the stand yesterday, Rea unfolded the girl’s story as told through the interview and through the cuts, bruises, and swelling on her body.

You can read the rest of the story here. http://richmondconfidential.org/2010/11/19/nurse-recounts-victims-memories-and-injuries/.  Sorry but I’m having trouble with the linkage on WordPress today. There is more here http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=%2Fc%2Fa%2F2010%2F11%2F19%2FBA7K1GED70.DTL

I’m sorry but these guys are animals.  I hope they never see the light of day again.

The officers who arrested and booked 19-year-old Manuel Ortega for the rape of a Richmond High student said he was intoxicated, belligerent, and full of things to say. “I wasn’t the only one, there was hella people. She wanted it,” he allegedly told Richmond Police Officer Jeff Whitson shortly after being arrested.

Most of Tuesday’s testimony was about the arrest of Ortega, including details of his graphic accusations about the girl and the evidence police found on his body.

Officer Gary Lewis testified that, without being prompted, Ortega referred to the 16-year-old student by her first name and admitted to having sex with her. To protect the identity of the girl, District Attorney Dara Cashman asked officers to use ‘Jane Doe’ in place of her actual name.

“Jane Doe wanted it. Jane Doe wanted the d***. She wanted all of us,” Ortega allegedly said.

You can read the rest of this disgusting story here. http://richmondconfidential.org/2010/11/17/rape-hearing-details-arrest-of-hostile-suspect/

The defense attorneys are trying everthing from claiming the evidence wasn’t gathered correctly to  blaming the victim for being intoxicated:

Richmond Police Officer Joanna Grivetti testified in the Richmond High rape case on Wednesday that she was the first crime scene investigator to take command of the area where police say a student was raped and beaten outside her school’s homecoming dance in October 2009. Grivetti was the sole witness yesterday to testify before the court, where she discussed the details of her evidence marking and collection.

Grivetti described abrasions she found on the victim’s toe knuckles, feet, and knees, which she testified could have been caused by someone pulling or dragging the student across the concrete in the school’s courtyard.

Several defense attorneys objected to Grivetti’s qualifications to provide expert testimony about the causes of the abrasions, and moved to strike any such testimony from the court record.

You can read more here http://richmondconfidential.org/2010/11/18/defense-questions-police-handling-of-evidence/


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