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Talking about a revolution…and The Blood of Revolution

Ignore Christine O’Donnell. She is either a wonderful heroic woman or a tawdry nutjob. She is either a sure loser (like Scott Brown, Marco Rubio, Sharon Angle, Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell), and a Tea Party/Palin mistake or a possible winner. None of that really matters.

What matters is the people. It is very possible, as many historians assert, that Marie Antoinette is a misunderstood historical figure. But the “real” Marie Antoinette does not matter. What matters was the tumult in the streets of Paris, not what was happening in the castle.

After last night if we are to lament, if we are to question, our lamentation and question should be “where are the Dimocratic carcasses hanging from the lampposts of revolutionary America?” In revolutionary France during the 1700s priests hung from streetlamps like Christmas decorations on a Macy’s tree. Where are our decorations? It’s only Republicans with the joy of such ghoulish decorations these days.

It is time.  Read the post here.


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