Festivus In July…another awesome post from Hillary Is 44

It’s time for the airing of grievances, It’s time for feats of strength, Let others celebrate Christmas in July. It’s Festivus for the rest of us.

The origins of Festivus are not shrouded in the mists of time. We know exactly and with precision the origins of the effulgent holiday. We know the traditions. We honor the short lived traditions.

So throw away the distracting tinsel, grab the aluminum pole – it’s time for airing of the grievances and amazing feats of strength. Festivus is here.

Last week, Nancy Pelousy and Obama congressional Dimocrats, the very people who cheated and lied to drag Obama’s limp body accross the finish line in the 2008 primaries, began the airing of the grievances:House Democrats will air grievances to Obama” blared the Politico headline. It seems that the congressional Dimocrats are now aware that Obama only cares about himself and does not care about their reelection.

That was a rather tepid and late grievance. For a full fleged festive Festivus grievance we turned to scandal sheet Globe magazine:

“President Barack Obama is tangled in the mystery surrounding the murder of the gay choir director of his controversial Chicago church – and the slain man’s mother is demanding answers NOW! This week’s GLOBE blows the lid off the shocking scandal America can’t afford to ignore.”

You can read the entire post as well as all of their other amazing, spot on posts here.


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