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Racist Americans Attack Mess-iah Obama

I haven’t stopped laughing since reading this post.  It is another brilliant piece of writing from admin at HillaryIs44.  Here’s just a tease:

Chris Bowers at NothingLeft is a “racist”. That good for nothing is pimping some real “racist” redneck incitement against Barack Obama. That honky does not appreciate how great Obama is with the full devotion and obsequiousness he used to display. Bowers is exposed as a secret “racist”. Bowers pretended to be an Obama admirer but now we can see he is a “racist”. Here’s the damning “racist” talk that honky is jive talking against Barack Obama:

Here is a bit more:

Who the hell does this honky think he is, to criticize Barack Obama and his greatness? Next thing you know this honky good-for-nothing will be quoting Reverend Manning and calling Barack Obama a “long-legged freak”, a “mack-daddy”. Bowers is a “racist”.

Non-honky Charles Blow is a “racist” too. How dare this jive turkey attack the Golden Calf! He must be one of them self-hating types were hear tell of. This no good so-and-so, dares to notice that the church pews are empty in the Cult Cathedral of the High Church Of Barack Obama. He ain’t black, he’s a “racist”. A “racist” trying to blame Barack Obama for the failures of the nothing left Left. No good, damn – “racist”:

You can read the entire post here as well as the names of all who contributed to the ad using the picture above.

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