Do the prowl or get back in the kitchen.

Enough with the sadness already!

We’ve got enough problems. For example, this is just awful:

A recent Medina [Ohio] GOP mailer that urges voters to “take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen,” has angered the Emily’s List political action committee, which raises money for female Democratic candidates.

“They’re set on defeating Cong. Betty Sutton (OH-13), whom we helped elect in 2006, and filling her spot with a conservative loyalist. And how will they go about doing that? By sending her right where they think she (and all women) belong: the kitchen,” says a posting on the group’s website, which links to a fundraising page for Sutton. “I wish I could say I were shocked, but I can’t. Ican, however, say I’m appalled, annoyed, and ready to do something about it.”

Medina County GOP Chairman Bill Heck confirmed the Sutton item came from a recent edition of a party publication called the “Republican Review,” which goes to roughly 15,000 households. He said he hadn’t received any complaints about it, and suggested that anyone who was offended could pursue the matter with the Ohio Elections Commission instead of trying “to air it through the paper and get some noise going.”

“I know Democrats said that kind of thing about Sarah Palin, but maybe the reference to the kitchen wasn’t the exact word,” said Heck. “It was another sexist female task or location.”

When I first read about this on Lynette Long’s Facebook page (oh and btw, have you joined EVE yet? It’s good stuff.) I couldn’t believe it. There can’t be official members of political parties actually writing blatantly sexist insults on mailers that are being sent to the actual public, can there? Lo, I was wrong. They really did say, “let’s take Betty Sutton out of the house and put her back in the kitchen.” And then defended their words by pointing at Dems who made MILF and other sex “jokes” about Sarah Palin.

Soo, the fact that jackasses use sexist attacks on one women in public means that other women in public are fair game? Actually, that’s true. It’s why we started Puma in the first place, at the very END of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, not at the beginning. Because we KNEW what had destroyed her chances: hateful sexism plain and simple. And, more importantly, we knew that left unprotested that very same unchecked impulse to denigrate, undermine, and humiliate public women would be used AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN (don’t forget to read the comments) against any and all women who step up. To make us go away.

And as long as we’re silent we are complying with that sexist imperative. We are letting them get away with it. If you’re a woman in public it has become absolutely acceptable and conventional for your opponents to attack you as either a totally fuckable crazy bitch, or a totally un-fuckable crazy bitch.

So, either do this PROWL or go back to the kitchen where you belong!

*  *  *  *  * TODAY’S PROWL *  *  *  *  *

Contact the Ohio Elections Commission and the Medina Ohio GOP.

  1. Copy, past, and edit as you see fit the following letter.
  2. Then fax it to: Ohio Elections Commission: 614-728-9408
  3. Also, email it to:,,

Dear Commissioner,

Chairman Bill Heck of the Medina County Republican Committee owes the women of Ohio a serious apology for the mailer he approved in which the Medina GOP urged Ohio voters to send Congresswoman Betty Sutter “back to the kitchen” where, presumably, the Medina GOP believes women belong. None of the other incumbent congressmen mentioned in the mailer, all men, were referred to with such blatantly sexist disdain.

Just as Americans of every political stripe would be offended by overtly racist campaign materials, there should be no excuse for the sort of outdated and outrageous sexist stereotyping on display from the Medina GOP.

As we all know from watching so-called political leaders and media personalities attack legitimate and admirable public servants like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin with extremely offensive and often violently sexist insults, this sort of sexism damages all women in politics, both Republican and Democratic. It also hurts regular women and girls who may be discouraged from stepping into the public arena and running for office themselves. And in this time of immense voter dissatisfaction, we as a country need MORE women of substance and integrity to take that step and run for office.

I urge you to demand an immediate and public apology from Chairman Heck and the Medina County Republican Committee.


Your Name

Puma PAC Member (


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