Barack Obama you are a homophobe

 This man is a complete piece of shit phoney.  He is a liar and a hypocrite and he should be run out of the White House.  He is so condescending and pompous.  Finally, some gay activists are standing up to him and he really didn’t like it.  I’m sure he’ll be making fun of them on his next campaign stop.  There are plenty of articles about the heckling and his reaction.

Boston Boomer over at The Confluence has a great post called “Let’s Hear it for Civil Disobedience”. 

Last night President Obama spoke at a fundraiser in LA for Senator Barbara Boxer. In what I see as a very refreshing turn of events, LGBT activists repeatedly heckled a clearly irritated Obama with calls for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Obama tried to calm the hecklers by claiming that both he and Boxer are on their side. Really? So what’s the holdup then? Here’s the video of the speech

You can read it here.  There are more posts here, here and here.  Check it out and you will find plenty more.

Check out this picture of some gay activists who chained themselves to the White House fence:


However, there is also a very interesting story about this administration and its transparency.  Are they really trying to shut us down?  Do they really feel that threatened by dissent.  Well, they haven’t seen anything yet.  I heckled and ridiculed Bush for eight fucking years and I never got tired of it.  You better get some thicker skin, Obama.  We all have plenty of skin in the game and we ain’t giving up.  Once the Gay Fools wake up you will hear more.  Once the women’s groups who fell prey to your spell wake up you can count on more dissent.  What will you do?  Issue a gag order?  Fuck you.

The Nobama blog has a post about the “Most transparent White House ever Here’s the video:


Read the latest excellent post from the admin at HillaryIs44.


2 Responses

  1. […] as can be seen by the video did not like being heckled. Obama was clearly angered at the challenge from the Left and not the easier to demonize Right. The Hopium guzzlers in the […]

  2. As we all know, there have been questions about obama’s sexuality and his possibly being bi-sexual. Frankly, I don’t care a whit about someone’s private life, obama’s or anyone’s.

    However, we all have read the stories about J. Edgar Hoover living with Clyde Tolson and wearing dresses, etc. Despite the evidence that Hoover was, indeed, homosexual, he used the FBI to go after homosexual’s with a vengence. I guess it was to prove to those who dared question his “manhood” that he was a “card carrying” heterosexual male.

    It seems those in power who, by virtue of the office, such as president of the U.S. or Director of the macho F.B.I., where being open about sexual ambiguity of any kind is totally and absolutely not tolerated, are always the ones who engage in this kind of behavior toward homosexuals in order to cover up their own complicity.

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