Obama falls

h/t Hillbuzz


8 Responses

  1. Can’t I be a fan of both? I voted for Hill in the primary. Does Obama have to make me puke? Or can I support him until she gets to run again? I mean, doesn’t it help the repugs if we don’t?

  2. Obama is an idiot – I am sure he had help getting up – he’s been propped up his whole life.

  3. Nope, you can’t have it both way, Conservative, Sorry. Anybody but Obama in 2012.

    simofish: it doesn’t look like anyone helped him up. In fact, I think they knocked him down. lol

  4. Well, as a true-blue liberal, I guess, as far as you are concerned, I’ll have to stick with our President. And I think you are not hurting Obama at all, but helping republicans who don’t really care what democrat is in office, only that he or she is a dem.

  5. Well, we are all liberals here but the Democratic party has lost their way. Obama’s FISA vote and all of his broken promises, signing an executive order banning abortion is just too much for me. Whatever happened to core democratic principles. The died at the RBC meeting 5/31/08. They sold out.

  6. Conservative Lie – you’re a troll. Any idiot can see this guy is not a democrat. True to PUMA forecast – he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Y’all hear the latest? He AOK with unlimited dumping of hard rock mining waste on public lands – defending the Bush-era regulation (via Alegre’s Corner quoting the Big Orange Satan).

    Democrat indeed.

  7. Allie: I know, he’s an idiot. One more stupid remark and he’s gone.

  8. Allie,
    A troll? hmmm.
    Obama is a democrat – a moderate democrat.

    If you mean he is not a liberal, well, I agree with you there.

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