Why travel on vacation when every day is vacation day?

Another must-read post from admin at HillaryIs44:

Heavens! It’s a family vacation in the middle of what is supposed to be a major fight. No one knows what’s in the bill they are supposed to be voting for, but it’s Obama vacation time. The eventual mess of a bill that emerges is in trouble as more and more Dimocrats say they won’t buy a pig in a poke.

What did we learn from vacation-gate? (1) There is no vacation Obama will cancel (unless it is someone else’s vacation); and, (2) the March 18 Obama deadline for his health scam vote will, as other deadlines, not be met.

Why travel on vacation when every day is vacation day? It’s party time at the White House.

“President Barack Obama hosted a movie night at the White House for Hollywood heavyweights Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg on Thursday – at which they watched a preview of the star duo’s new World War Two miniseries “The Pacific.”

The Hillbuzz boys are not alone in wondering why it is always party time as the Party dies.

As we wrote, why travel on vacation when every day is vacation day? Things are so bad even the New York Times thinks the vacation should be canceled.

But Obama won’t cancel a vacation. Obama can’t wait to get back to bowing and scraping before foreign potentates. But as it turns out, the pressure is such that he will have to wait. The girls and Michelle will have to stay and try on old Desiree Rogers’ dresses. Obama will hang out a few more days before his vacation trip to Guam, Australia and Indonesia.

Read the brillant post in its entirety here.


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