We’ve got work to do.

I know we have been fighting for a very long time but we cannot quit now.  As Murphy told me in a recent conversation “you can rest when you die”.  So strap ém on and get to work.  If you need inspiration check out the latest from HillaryIs44:

It is Obama supporters who deserve to be depressed. Obama should be suicidally depressed. Publicity stunts with children, dead mothers, “I love you” Mess-iah cult of personality worshipers, won’t save the nicotine addict’s ‘do what I say, not what I do’ mass transfer of wealth health scam. Obama publicity stunts are now countered with growing protests of thousands where it is “standing room only” in opposition to Obama.

Obama’s Michigan enablers are sent to jail (Monica Conyers sentenced to 37 months today) and more to go. Why should we be depressed? Let’s depress Obama supporters.

The Obama Dimocrats are forced to rabid tricks (such as the Slaughter Rule) to pass the Senate version of the Obama health scam, without a vote. It’s almost like the Democratic nomination – no vote is respected, mob rule Chicago rules.

We’ll depress Obama supporters with the truth about how health premiums will go up even with the Obama health scam. We’ll depress Obama supporters with the truth of Obama support at 43%. We’ll depress Obama supporters with the truth that all 41 Republican senators will uphold the “Byrd rule” in any reconciliation fight.

We intend to depress Obama supporters even more. Hillary supporters should strap something on, preferably a Pink grenade, and stay in the fight.

You can read the entire post here.

If you need more inspiration check this out:

Thanks for the pep talk Big Pink! Have a big pink cupcake! Because the fact is, obama sucks. And everyone knows it. It will just take a few more months until the mainstream media starts treating him like the joke he is. Just like they did to Bush.

Read the entire post here and read Murphy and BigPink daily.  Now get to work and start depressing what’s left of those Obama supporters.  My Puma Eyes are definitely on the prize – Hillary 2012.


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