Sing Eric Massa Sing.

This story has legs.  My first impression of Eric Massa was  that he was just another lying, piss of shit politician.  One who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people he was elected to serve.  After hearing all that went down in this case I have a completely different view of him.  You can read more about this at HillaryIS44 and PUMA PAC where Darragh tells it like it is once again.  Obama and his administration are nothing more then Chicago Crime Lords.  They will do or say anything to get your vote and their way.   Fuck the health care bill and fuck Obama.  Watch the video.


2 Responses

  1. I wonder what he was talking about at the beginning of this video about Neill Abercrombie….Is he a good friend of his or what??

  2. It’s interesting, isn’t it? I just hope he keeps talking and that people actually start to listen.

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