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Tim Geithner get his ass handed to him h/t HillaryforTexas

It’s no secret that HillaryIs44 is one of my favorite places to be and HillaryforTexas is one of the amazing commenters there.  Here’s a reason why:

I love when Timmeh tries the “the regulations wouldn’t let us” excuse, and the guy points out that they were in a national crisis, with a willing Congress changing the regs right and left to give Treasury the power to do whatever they needed to do. So why was AIG sacred, and none of DA RUUUUULZ regarding them could be changed?

Funny how da ruuuuulz are flexible one minute, and cast in stone the next. Is Timmeh really Donna Brazile? Has anyone ever seen them together?



3 Responses

  1. Timmeh’s GS loyalties are showing.

    Ya don’t say…

  2. I don’t understand economics at this scale, I have to admit, but even I know BS when I hear it.

  3. This guy just stinks. He’s dirty and you can see it in his face. I don’t really understand it either but Planet Money does help a bit.

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