Will Bower, I love you. I thank you and I’m sure Hillary thanks you, too.

Although I have never met him Will Bower is one of my favorite people EVAH.  He was one of my original PUMA heroes along with Darragh, Riverdaughter, SM, Boston Boomer and so many others.   Will has just written a post to Hillary Clinton.  Here is what he wrote:

An Open Letter to Secretary Clinton:  Save Us from Obama

Madame Secretary Clinton,

It’s time for you to save your party — and your country — from Barack Obama.

You have been doing a remarkable job as Secretary of State, but now we need you as the new head of the Democratic Party … and as our next President of the United States.

I know that it would be virtually unprecedented for a party nomination to be handed to a challenger over an incumbent, but it was unprecedented in 2008 when the party apparatus selected their then preferred candidate over the will and popular vote of the Democratic majority.

You were the rightful candidate then, you are the rightful head of the Democratic Party today, and you would be taking your rightful place as the nominee and president you were meant to become.

Every warning and critique you gave us in regard to Barack Obama has come to fruition. You were correct in every debate, in every political advertisement, and in every interview.

We are where we are today because too many refused to listen to you.

Only Smart Power can save us now, and you are the perfect person to bring us that much needed commodity. Just log into Facebook and you’ll see the numerous “Hillary Clinton for 2012” groups springing to new life. A multitude of your supporters are ready to bring about the change that was falsely promised by your opponent in 2008. You got more votes than he did in 2008, and you can get more votes than him again in 2012.

One might warn you that this would only serve to divide the party, leaving the presidency open to takeover by the opposition. Because of your steadfastness during this past primary season, you were given that same warning then, but your party went on to victory all the same.

We tried it their way then. Now, it’s time to try it your way.

In the upcoming midterm elections of 2010, your party will pay the price for its lack of vision. There is little to stop that now. Once that happens, more of a balance will be restored, and both your party and your country will be ready to move forward once again — with you at the helm — to a truly better future.

Thank you, Madame Secretary. We’ll be standing by.

Hillary, Will is right.  We know you are only going to serve one term as SOS. We are standing by and we are ready to fight.  Hillary 2012!  Read it here.


5 Responses

  1. Gasp, I missed this, good catch.

  2. I totally agree about Will. He is my HERO! Without him, PUMA may have never happened. I ran across an old clip on YouTube of Will on FOX talking about the PUMA movement. PUMA Power thanks to Will Bower!

  3. you didnt meet him in Denver PumaSF?? He stayed at the Puma HQ!

  4. No, we had talked on the phone and had hoped to meet but it didn’t work out. I’m still mad about it.

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