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Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? Here’s who’s getting a bag of coal.

The Nutroots and the Kooks, who maligned and smeared Hillary for the greater glory of their Mess-iah, are now lying in their filth. More bags of coal for them.

Hillary supporter websites which stood by Hillary and respectfully refused to back Obama (”Accept No Substitutes) – Nice.

Losers who first supported Hillary on their websites then tried to erase everything they wrote in order to dupe American voters into voting for unqualified, inexperienced Obama – who now realize we were and are right – coal for them.

Backstabbing Senator Chris Dodd – coal and election loss.

Backstabbing Bill Richardson – coal and obscurity and ruin (and failed diet).

Backstabbing Donna Brazile and Oprah, who backstabbed women and the best candidate – coal and failed diets and misery.

Howard Dean – coal and exile in opposition from Mess-iah land.

Big Media – coal and the unemployment line.

Republicans who trashed Hillary and now are faced with the horror of their hypocrisy – coal and toil to restore themselves.

Copenhagen – insults Obama when it counts, praises Obama only to his face – an empty stocking (no coal, but no gift either).

Nobel Peace Prize Committee – coal and the discount bin for their formerly prestigious trinket.

Michele Obama – coal, the punishment of sleeves, and banishment from Whole Foods.

Backstabber Greg Craig – coal and job as hotel bellhop.

MSNBC – bags of coal, no ratings, no viewers, no Mess-iah, and a knife in the back with the initials B.O.

Lady Lynn Forester De Rothschild – nice. Continued classiness is it’s own reward.

Andrew Sullivan and Gay-Americans who trashed Hillary – bags of coal and no marriage and no divorce from the reality of the gay-basher they enabled.

The “Peace Movement” activists who trashed Hillary as a “war-monger” and enabled the boob – bags of coal and Afghanistan and Iraq and Gitmo.

Big Pink supporters – nice and so is Big Pink.


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