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Do the Prowl. Call your Senator

Call Your Senator

The Stupak Amendment —  A Puma Pac Call to Action!


If you believe that women’s rights are human rights then it is time to take a stand.  The Stupak Amendment takes away our right to make reproductive choices free of government interference. Yesterday we learned that our right to coverage for mammograms in our 40’s was also deemed “unnecessary.” What will tomorrow bring?

It is time for all women, Puma’s and like-minded people, to tell our elected officials that we have had enough.   It is time to tell them that our right to control our own bodies is just that.  It is our right and it cannot be legislated.

If they do not hear us now they will hear us when they are up for re-election.  Our rights are not bargaining chips. Women are not second class citizens.  The right to make decisions about our bodies and our reproductive rights belongs to us.  If you are tired of women’s reproductive rights being used as a “wedge” issue then it is time to call your senator.

It appears we have been sold out by the Democratic Party.  We are being used and it is time to let them know that “no means no” and we will no longer be the quiet majority.  It is time to let them know whether they are Republican or Democrat that we will no longer tolerate our rights being used in political games of Chicken.

Print out a copy of the bumper sticker below. Fax it to Your Senators and the following:

  • Your Senators’ Fax Numbers– click HERE
  • Nancy Pelosi: 202-225-4188
  • Harry Reid: 202-224-7327
  • White House: 202-456-2461

This link works as well:



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