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Richmond Peace Rally video.

I took this video today at the very emotional and inspiration rally in support of  the Jane Doe gang rape victim.  More pictures and commentary tomorrow.  Peace


7 Responses

  1. Boys and young men MUST have gender awareness (for lack of a better name offhand) and anger management courses IN SCHOOL from the time they are small throughout high school and then into college.

    Girls should have the same with self-defense and assertiveness courses also.

    These type of courses must be DEMANDED. I don’t see any other way of changing attitudes from the ground up.

  2. You are right in that these programs should be offered but teachers cannot do everything. It’s time for the parents and people in the community to start demanding more programs from our local governments. It is also important to reach out to young girls. We need to raise their self esteem so they don’t fall into the traps already set up for them.

  3. We need to raise their self esteem so they don’t fall into the traps already set up for them.

    This is true – and I mentioned courses for girls – but all the self-esteem in the world won’t help you if several guys attack you at once.

    Boys MUST be taught to respect women. It’s not gonna happen at home, as we already see. If we don’t make it happen in the schools, I’m afraid it would then be some “extra curricular” out-of-school thing that boys won’t attend. It doesn’t have to be “teachers” doing the training. Other ppl – including adult men – could be responsible for these type of lessons.

    We also need way more men (and now these boys) wearing bracelets with rifd tags.

  4. Thanks for taking this amazing video, I wish I could have been there. I can’t believe how brave the women were who wore “I was raped” signs or shirts. WOW!

  5. Thia: Yes, those women are true survivors and such inspirations. We need to keep moving forward and do what we can to end violence against women.

  6. beethovenqueen: Yes, you are absolutely right. I live with an elementary school teacher and they are trying to implement programs now to do just that. Men and boys need to be taught to respect women from day 1 and young girls need to be taught zero tolerance towards agression or disrespect. All ideas are welcome. In fact, Obama is pushing his education agenda now and the government is accepting grants applications. Now would be the time to move on this.

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