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Unbelievable: After months of waiting, Richmond High gets new lighting where rape took place

This was a known trouble spot.  Why were there no parents at the dance?  Why weren’t the security guards patroling the area?  What were they waiting for?  A 15 year old girl to be gang raped?  This is outrageous!

After decades of safety complaints, it took just one week for Richmond High to light up one of its darkest corners like a Super Bowl halftime show.

Beginning on Saturday night, a row of wall-mounted lamps illuminated the shadowy courtyard on the north end of campus where, one week earlier, a group of men and boys gang-raped a 15-year-old student during her homecoming dance.

Expect more security improvements soon, the West Contra Costa school district superintendent said Monday.

“The lighting was increased over the weekend,” Superintendent Bruce Harter said. “Tomorrow we will be receiving bids for security cameras … the fencing project is under way,”

The school board plans to discuss more changes, including the addition of surveillance cameras and more fencing, at a meeting Wednesday night.

A host of parents, educators, community leaders and students likely will assist their deliberations, having all long complained about the slow progress with which the district previously addressed their concerns about safety at many campuses.

“This has been an issue the community has talked about in the past” at Richmond High, said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan, who helps supervise community policing efforts in that section of the city.

Meanwhile, members of the local civic and religious leaders met on the school’s steps Monday afternoon to pray and talk. The Rev. Andre Shumake, stung by news that not a single parent volunteered to chaperone at the homecoming dance Oct. 24, challenged the faith community to produce 100 volunteers for future school functions and everyday work in the classroom.

“We’re going to put out that call now. We’re calling on 100 members of the faith community to go down to the district office and get their fingerprints taken so they can volunteer on this campus,” Shumake said.

The North and East Neighborhood Council, which provides a roving civilian patrol on neighborhood streets, also offered to help “provide extra eyes and ears” at school events, said Felix Hunziker, who heads the patrol. Eight members have filled out applications with the school district and have been fingerprinted.

“We’re trying to rally people in other neighborhoods as well,” Hunziker said.

Owen Martin, president of the Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council, signed up Saturday.

“Neighborhoods can make a difference, patrolling areas and aiding with security at schools during special events, being able to call police when you see something,” Martin said. “You deter crime by being seen.”

Yes, neighbors, clergy and teachers can make a difference but what about the fucking parents!!  Where are they?  Sure life is hard but you have to instill positive things into your child’s life no matter what the circumstances.  My family was very poor.  My three sisters and I had no idea we were poor and I don’t think it would have made a difference to us because we were happy.

Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. Those High School Bureaucrats need to be sued out existence!

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