Honest Abe? Tricky Dick? How about VANE OBAMA?


6 Responses

  1. Liar, Liar pants on fire.

    Me, Me Barry
    All about Obama
    Me, Me, Mechele

  2. You lie Obama



  4. Can we erase the last presidential election?

  5. Let me just tell you all about “my” typical white grandmother” and the white mother that raised me that was on WELFARE – but headed up sophisticated programs in 3rd countries for multi-national corporations. Did I tell you about my Uncle that went up to the attic when he came home from WWII where he couldn’t cope with “liberating Auschwitz”.

    Of course it goes without saying that the media has, to date, failed to call the Messiah on this obviously outrageous lie. Unless Obama’s “uncle” was serving in the Red Army, its a pretty safe bet he was many hundreds of miles from Auschwitz on its day of liberation. Flippin liar.

    So are you fired up and ready to go?

  6. He lied throughout the primary campaign from his association with JFK, to his parents marching in Selma and on and on. The MSM along with the DNC forced this bamboozler on us and they are responsible for everything that has happened and will inevitably happen. It’s unforgiveable.

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