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Obama’s Doctor Rally Filled With Democrat Donors

obama1--300x300Obama loves his photo ops but this is a bit disgusting and over the top.  Has he stooped so low that he can’t pass his health insurance reform bill without the use of propaganda?  Why can’t it pass on its merits?  What happened to single payer?  I’m sick of this Illusionist in Chief.

President Obama presented his cadre of Doctors as if they were there only because they supported his Obamacare polices. But even The New York Times is casting doubt on that assumption by reporting that the group that assisted Team Obama to round up the Doctors was once called “Doctors For Obama” during the late campaign.

As noted below, the group that supplied many of the doctors for the Rose Garden event, Doctors for America, is a nonprofit organization that grew out of Doctors for Obama, which worked to help elect the president. But it also appears to be working closely with Organizing for America, Mr. Obama’s political organization.

So, instead of presenting a bunch of doctors that are disinterested in politics, but want reform of the nation’s healthcare, we end up seeing a group of Obama campaign operatives wearing white coats.

Speaking of those white coats, news has also come out that many of them were supplied by the White House to pep up the photo op. Apparently several of the invited operatives did not bring a white coat with them, so the White House supplied one for them.

This article appeared in the Canada Free Press.  Read about it here.



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