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Ozero’s Olympdick. Yes, he is impotent.

3 Responses

  1. He’s so vain… he really thought it was all about him:



  2. hello Puma-SF I am posting this letter on your sight there are about 50 pro-public option dems under extreme pressure to cave please pass my letter that I sent today on to other who have good congresspersons that support HR 676 tell them they can use it as a template for letters to there congressfolk:

    Dear Congresswoman Brown,

    I want to thank you for your support for Healthcare for all Americans and co-sponsoring HR 676. Your work on getting healthcare to all Americans including the 47 million currently uninsured has been one of your great achievements. Thank You!

    As a lifelong Democrat I am committed to the core principles of our party to make healthcare a right. President Harry Truman was right over a half century ago and you are right today to reject any healthcare bill that does not offer a real public option.

    I wanted you to know there are people in your district that really want Medicare for all but realize that it may not be possible.

    We want you to know we must have real reform that includes a strong open and affordable public option. Please know that any reform without a public option just a big financial give away to “for profit insurance” and “Big Pharma”.

    Your rejection of any bill that comes out of the House or Senate that excludes this is essential to deliver the dream of affordable health insurance to all Americans.

    You know you are right on this I know there is a large amount of pressure for real Democrats to cave in on this please do not do it. We are depending on you and others to do the right thing and give us real reform and universal care.

    Thank you for your time.

    Very Respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel Jr.

    Ps Puma SF Obama is a real republican tool they get the louie the XV and Marie Antonette ltet them eat cake award for expending so much energy on the olympics whe n the economy is in the toilet here!

  3. Hey fuzzy, Great letter and it’s great to see you here. I can post it if you don’t mind.

    As far as I’m concerned Obama was the Republican candidate and now the Chicago crime lord is president.

    The economy really sucks and you can see the results on the streets of this city. Homelessness has increased dramatically and it was horrendous before,

    We need Hillary to fix this mess. Let me know about posting it and really glad you stopped by.

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