Michelle Obama….has twenty six attendants!

Yep, Missus Obama said that America is a downright mean country.  Even though she, her husband, her children, her mother and her brother have all benefited from affirmative action and minority programs to get where they are today.

Poor Michelle having to live in this downright mean country….along with her twenty-six attendants that include a personal hair dresser and make-up artist!  lol

Michelle admits that she is a “statistical oddity”. A back girl, brought up on the South Side of Chicago.  Was I supposed to go to Princeton? No … They said maybe Harvard Law was too much for me to reach for.”

Due to affirmative action, Michelle went to both elite educational institutions.

According to Newsweek, “The Real Michelle Obama” was quite pleased to be an affirmative action beneficiary, but perturbed by her perception of white classmates at those institutions.  “At Harvard, she felt the same racial divide [she felt at Princeton]. Verna Williams and Michelle became friends in their first year of law school. She remembers many of their fellow black students worrying that white classmates viewed them as charity cases. But she suggests Michelle was not among them. ‘She recognized that she had been privileged by affirmative action and she was very comfortable with that,’ Williams recalls.”

Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with Whites at Princeton,’ Michelle wrote, ‘it often seems as if, to them, I will always be Black first and a student second.’ (But today, Michelle says, not quite convincingly, that she can’t remember what was in her thesis)”

She can’t remember what was in her thesis – but is definitely sure that America has been downright mean to her?


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  1. http://factcheck.org/2009/08/
    The White House’s “personnel records indicate” that there were 24 staffers for Laura Bush at some point. We were able to verify at least 18 staffers for Laura Bush, as of June 30, 2008, via the 2008 White House staff list published in The Washington Post’s White House Watch column. Sixteen people were specifically referred to as a “first lady” staffer, and Amy Zantzinger and Dorothy Thornton served as White House social secretary and deputy social secretary, respectively. It’s possible that someone with the title of “staff assistant” was assigned to the Office of First Lady as well, as is the case with Michelle Obama’s staff.
    The combined annual salaries for the 22 staffers we can specifically identify as working for Michelle Obama come to $1.6 million. For the 18 we could identify as working for Laura Bush in 2008, the total is $1.4 million.

  2. I don’t believe factcheck to be a credible source.

  3. The White House’s “personnel records indicate”

    24 staffers for Laura Bush at some point. We were able to
    verify at least 18 staffers for Laura Bush, as of June 30, 2008,


    These are the White House records…Not Factcheck! Go back through the years…Every first Lady has a staff – Republican and Dem a like…….

  4. Quit comparing them to the Bush’s. Don’t you expect more?

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