Chicago & Obamas Slumlord Olympic Village!

What are Obama, his “adviser” Valerie Jarrett, Oprah and Michelle Obama really doing in Denmark!

In 2006, while Valerie Jarrett was executive vice president of Grove Parc’s management firm Habitat Company, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex a bottom-of-the-barrel 11 on a 100-point scale.

Another Habitat-mismanaged property called Lawndale Restoration was so run-down that city officials urged the federal government to take over the complex.

SURPRISE… another one of those endless “Chicago” coincidences, Grove Parc Plaza Apartments—now targeted for demolition as a result of years of neglectby Obama’s developer friends—sits in the shadows of the proposed site of the city’s 2016 Olympics Stadium. Earlier this month Jarrett met with the Department of Housing & Urban Development to discuss “financing options” to turn these places into the “Olympic Village” courtesy of taxpayer $$.   his will be the 2nd or 3rd time Obama & Company have received government funding to “rehab” these places.   Unfortunately none of the funds were ever used to rehab anything!


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  1. If the press had been doing their job all of this stuff would have been exposed during the primaries. What about Rezko and Alice Palmer? The Obamas are nothing more then Chicago Crime Lords and now they’re living in the White House. How much money are they spending on this trip? WTF? It’s just another fucking photo op.

  2. Bush 4 days in China – At the Olympics – During the Financial Meltdown………..Photo op? Where was the outrage?

    Wonder how much that trip cost?

    Bush Spent 487 Days At Camp David, 490 Days At Texas Ranch During his time in office! Where was the outrage?

    Mitt Romney ran for President base on how well he ran the Games……….

    I for one hope we get them….It will create jobs for one…Whats wrong with putting people to work…

    I would hope the a Republican President would do the same…..

  3. Where was the outrage? Are you kidding me? Where were you? There was plenty of outrage.

    I like how you are comparing Bush to Obama. Afterall, he is Bush’s III.

    The Chicago Crime Lords hope they get their hands on all that money, too. It’s not going to do anything for the people of Chicago.

  4. As a puppet Obama does fine….they write his speech, tell him where to stand and put the words up in real big print for him to read off the teleprompter. Thinking for himself and solving problems is not something he has experience with. Choosing to do an Olympic Games Dog & Pony show when you haven’t spoken with your General in Afghanistan and using tax dollars in the worst economy since the great depression to fly not 1 or 2 but (5) airplanes to Denmark to try and get lotsa federal bucks to turn their slums in Chicago into the Olympic Village is beyond the term “poor judgment”. Bush as bad as he was…..couldn’t hold a candle to this greedy thug.

  5. Well said, enicks.

  6. The olympics are not an economic win for the city that gets them. The whole thing is a corrupt scam.

    Obama seemingly ignores his appointed commander in Afganistan to make sure his ‘hometown’ friends can get rich by getting their slums torn down and turned into new housing – positioned to make millions.
    He made his campaign about look to those he puts around him. So look… a self avowed communist, a leader of one of most corrupt organizations in the nation, a slumlord, and more than crazy advisors (one that believes animals should be able to sue their owners and the other believes Chavez’s take over radio stations was a good thing) – Yeah this should instill much confidence in the American people that he will be looking out for our best interest.
    It seem Obama has forgotten that MOST of America is center or right of center politically and socially. But that does not seem to phase him. He just keeps on pressing forward with his fascist/Marxist agenda.

    I for one am not sitting down to watch it anymore, I am getting activated and letting my voice be heard. The silent majority is no longer staying silent. It is disgusting what this administration and congress are doing to this country and I will not let it happen without a fight. If you are disgusted also, start getting involved. Turn off MSNBC and start looking into the facts. You just may be surprised.

  7. Well said, busted. I’m with you. It’s time for us all to stand up and fight.

  8. […] Valerie Jarrett. She can’t catch a break. Puma Eyes reports that Grove Parc Apartment project, managed by Jarrett’s Habitat Company, received a […]

  9. […] all over this.  She is dirty and her friends are criminals.  Valerie Jarrett should be in jail.  The people in her low income properties are suffering and she should be held accountable. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Desiree Rogers seems DelightfulIncoming White […]

  10. You are not “Anonymous said…”
    As a blue collar Black woman who has done well. It is envy and jealousy in ever word you have written. Just because you are a bastard baby and your mother only finish the 7th grade plesse don’t hate. As a person who knows about thoses buildinga, the majority of the tenants made the building dirty, the rest saved their money and got the hell out! I dare say that you only wish to look like her and be her. What you need to do is stop being a self hating Black woman and better you and yours as my family did for me
    without the benefit of connections..

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