UPDATE below: Here’s what a real president would say about the nuclear deterrence of Iran.

UPDATE:  Iran Test Fires Two Short Range Missles


BREAKING NEWS —  Iran tested two short-range missiles Sunday as its elite Revolutionary Guards began several days of war games, state television reported.

Press TV said the tests also included a multiple missile launcher.

“Iran tests two short-range missiles,” Press TV said in a scrolling headline. It earlier said new missiles had been tested, without giving details.

The missile maneuvers coincide with tension over Iran’s nuclear program following the disclosure of a second uranium-enrichment plant in the country.

Please read hillaryis44’s great post on Hillary, Iran and Obama.


2 Responses

  1. Wonder if Obama would let her say all that now? Probably not. She has more spine than he does.

  2. She makes him look like the inexperienced imp that he really is. Can we please have Hillary back?

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