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Tucker Carlson calls Obama “stupid” and “sanctimonious”. He also confirms their whispered racist campaign ht HillaryIs44.

Yesterday Tucker Carlson finally broke down and confirmed that yes indeed, the duo he hates – Bill and Hillary Clinton were purposefully smeared by race-baiting Obama and his campaign operatives. Obama thugs continue to race-bait.

Here’s Tucker Carlson on Obama race-baiting and the smearing of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

Find the excellent post here.


4 Responses

  1. Tucker is right on. I can’t understand how the Clinton’s can now behave as if they were not smeared and stepped upon. Not politics as usual.

  2. All of this “race” talk and Pelosi’s teary claim that rhetoric will get someone hurt seems like there is a back-door effort to fuel the flames of racism rather than quell it. It’s looking a lot like reverse-psychology to me. Fortuantely, Americans are smarter than Obama and Pelosi give us credit for.

  3. Unfortunately, Tucker was a Clinton hater but at least he came out and admitted it even though it’s way too late.

    I don’t understand the Clinton’s either but they are bigger people then I would be in that position. Bill just defeneded Carter in his racial remarks so that offends me a bit but he must have his motives.

  4. […] firestorm, or much discussion on Big Media (some Hillary sympathetic websites did discuss the revelations), from our Tucker Carlson The Obama Race-Baiting […]

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