This isn’t rocket science. In order to remove the President & current members of Congress they must lose in the next election.

We have to vote in a revolutionary way. We have to simply identify who has the best chance of defeating the incumbents and throw all our votes to them. Throw money to the strongest challengers campaign. Yes, even if it makes you sick to do so. We all have to realize effective medicine always tastes bad, really bad. It’s what we have to swallow if we want to heal our nation.
If we want to heal our nation, we must be willing to do what needs to be done. We must be willing to swallow bitter medicine.
  • We all need to make up our minds and make them up fast. Do we want to save this country? Do we really? It’s not going to happen all by itself. Everyone needs to come to grips with whether it’s more important to cling to their political identity, the hollow conviction that left is better than right when the evidence is right in front of our faces shouting “It makes no difference!”

Both parties are responsible for the mess we’re in. Political ideologies have nothing to do with what’s happening.
  • Politicians only pretend they have ideological convictions in order to make us believe that voting for one party or the other is going to make some big difference. This splits the power of our votes right down the middle and virtually ensures incumbents win every single time. To them, it’s a game and we fall for it every time. It’s a pure game of numbers for the powers-that-be. Very few members of Congress have any ideological values other than, “What’s in it for me?
If you want a peaceful revolution we have to do something revolutionary.
  • If we can get huge numbers of people to understand out voting strategy and get them to the polls to do it, we can remove the bulk of the current Congress. WE CAN . . . with your conviction and your help.

The Bald-faced Lie of “No Taxes for the middle class” will ring hollow when the AMERICAN PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL ISLE see the size of the huge tax increases the politicians who never seem to have to pay their own taxes are going to stick us with.  BTW, has anyone in Washington actually defined “middle class”.

About a year ago, then-Senator and Democratic nominee Barack Obama managed to seize control of the issue of taxes from the Republican Party by promising lower taxes for “95 percent of Americans.”

On September 14, 2009 that changed.  Obama’s $787-billion stimulus has been passed into law and the administration is taking on higher deficits, which will only increase if a Democrat health care reform bill passes. It looks as though the president’s hand will be forced and he will have to raise taxes. That’s begs question – where were the media on this a year ago?

CNBC’s Erin Burnett asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at a CNBC made-for-television town hall on Sept. 10 if taxes would be raised. Geithner dodged the question, but Burnett interpreted the dodge to mean yes, as she explained on NBC’s Sept. 13 “Meet the Press.”

While Senator Boxer (D-CA)  was addressing an issue with Brigadier General Michael Walsh, he repeatedly replied, “Yes, ma’am,” and “No, ma’am,” while answering her questions during a Senate hearing on New Orleans’ levee system.   To that,  Barbara said “Could you say ’senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?’ It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I’d appreciate it,” said Boxer.

For this and soooo many other reasons, Barbara Boxer must go – no further debate required!


7 Responses

  1. Hell ya! We need to kick them all out. They all gotta go. These Democrats are the ones exploiting and oppressing the poor and the inner city. Let’s find someone who will work for the people and not for themselves.

  2. I never looked so forward to voting in my life. The most necessary election in possibly the history of this country.

  3. I;m going to be voting against EVERY incumbent in the next election. Screw them. They need to remember that we hired them to listen to our voice and we pay their salaries. So far, what did we get? More bullshit, and they’re not even trying to hide it.

  4. Instead of working for the people they are busy looking after their own special interests. I mean look how rich some of them become since holding office. Enough is enough. How can people like Rangels, Byrd and Murtha still be in office? It’s outrageous.

  5. My vote next year will be for anyone other than an encumbent politician. Then I’ll do the same thing again in 2012. The constitution is not a living document that can be changed at the whim by idiots. The document never said the gov’t was responsible for us…….but we are responsible for ourselves……good or bad. Let’s send the arrogant bastards back to real life without the guaranteed lifetime retirement package. Just like the rest of us.

  6. I agree, Jess. Let’s throw the bums out now and in 2012. They work for us. Let’s send them a message.

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