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Terrorists planned attack on Hillary Clinton h/t katinyourhat


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for this link.

    Who knew? In the midst of the Van Jones media circus, I guess the MSM overlooked it??



  2. OMG!!!
    I have know idea how you find what you do; but THANKS!!!

  3. Hey, tpt/ny, Twitter is an awesome source. Are you Tweeting yet?

    Thanks, SYD. I’ll check it out.

  4. Sorry, I’m not Twittering.
    SYD, I read your link…GREAT!!
    I’m a nurse also!!
    BJ “Free-us-Now. posted my Healthcare post. I’d love to share it with you “if” your interested??

  5. Sure tpt/ny.

    Drop me a line!


  6. Here it is; I hope you like it:

    Universal Health Care, a better plan
    Posted on August 27, 2009 by freemenow

    Contributed by: TPT/NY

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy. I heard a quote from him about missing the “Good” while striving for the “Perfect”. Hopefully, you’ll see this as the “Good” plan on the way to the Perfect goal of; “Universal Health Care”.

    To Any Interested Parties,

    I have sent this to many across the political & private spectrum. Personally, in my 25+ years as a Registered Nurse, I have worked in all aspects of Healthcare; at one time or another. Often times I’ll find myself, frequently arguing with Insurance Companies (politely of course); regarding “Pre-Authorization” on medications; trust me I know where some of the wholes are. I COMPLETELY agreed with the Hillary Plan of 2008 / not the one of 1993. Unfortunately, it seems the Democrats are working towards bringing the 1993 plan back. Although, I ALWAYS supported her efforts, then & now; I was never big on the “Single – Payer – Option”. A person can “Believe” in Universal Health Care; and NOT be for “Public-Option”.

    Currently, I am close to starting a “GREEN” business & would like to be able to provide Healthcare for (hopefully) my future employees. I am a registered Independent since about 2006 (formally a Democrat); I consider myself to be: “Politically Neutral”!!

    Why is Congress” / taking a “TOP-DOWN” approach on Healthcare; instead of a BOTTOM-UP”? If they want to try out “A PLAN”, then try it on their own taxpayer provided; “Congressional Insurance” Program, then GET BACK TO “US” the Taxpayers; with the Pro’s & Con’s they discovered. This way “we” can make an informed decision about our own and our family’s future.

    Until then, in my opinion as a RN /Taxpayer, they should take some “Serious a Steps”, towards achieving “Universal Healthcare”, by creating conditions that would “fit for many”. I believe the below plan can be “Deficit Neutral”.

    *1- Utilize the already existing “Pre-Tax” for medical expenses accounts. Many already have access to them, through their employers. “If” someone is self or un-employed then a program can be set up through their personal bank accounts.

    *2- Adopt “for all” The “Flex-Credit System”, used successfully by MANY employers.

    Expand on that & encourage ALL Full & Part-Time Employers, Retirement Benefits Providers, Unions & so on, to give people credits instead of product. Now they can take these credits & go into a “POOL of Providers” like the Congressional Plan does. People can now manage their own Healthcare; based on the needs of themselves & their families. **If someone does not have enough credits; then they can go into a Government program. There is an AMAZING facility, I’ve dealt with, and that is worth looking at (details upon request). They managed to serve those less fortunate financially; with grace, dignity, and fairness, while providing them with access to the BEST medical care in the area.

    *2a – The Market Place would then help to control costs; just like with other industries.

    *2b- People can get what they feel they need for themselves & their families.

    Spouses can now “Pool” their credits so if “1″ person works P/T they can contribute their credits & “off-set” their families “Out-of-Pocket” costs. Currently, many are not accessing their part-time benefits, because having “2″ insurances within “1″ family can confuse the pay-out by the Primary Insurance plan. A place like “Wal-Mart can now “give” people “Credits” & not feel the financial Burden of providing the full service.

    As with, Car Insurance…The More in…the Lower the overall costs.

    My personal opinion of “Single Payer” is this: Just like “AT&T” BEFORE the MCI’s came along; I don’t trust too much control to any one entity!!!! In the mean time as an “insider” they can be encouraged to start this TODAY:

    Pass a “Best Practice” Law protecting doctors to use their Best judgment when ordering tests &/or treatments, for someone. Something like the “Good Samaritan Law” that protects medical providers who come onto a scene of an accident.

    -Get Regulatory Agency’s to “Encourage GREEN & Time Management” steps. This also can work instead of: Cap-n-Trade

    -Think, “Good House-Keeping Seal of Approval”.

    -Recycling / Reusing (when possible, “Patient/Public Safety” ALWAYS “1st”.

    -Right Now, all directives add “Paperwork & People Power” to the Medical Community; thereby increasing costs.

    -Insurance companies should be encouraged to continue to “Regulate Expenses”, HOWEVER, NOT at the RISK of “INFRINGING on CONTINUITY of CARE”!!!!

    Any “Pre-Existing” Medical Treatment between Doctor & Patient MUST be HONORED & RESPECTED…PERIOD” i.e.; “If” there’s a medication that is working “LEAVE it Alone”, even if it is not included on you discounted list.

    “If” there’s any changes by the DOCTOR; then go ahead & do the Pre-Authorization thing.

    Below is a quote from an article someone sent me about Tom Daschle “still” working with the “WH”:

    August 23, 2009
    Daschle Has the Ear of the White House and the Health Industry

    “To address doctors’ fears of lawsuits, Mr. Daschle and his collaborators proposed a “safe harbor” from legal liability for doctors who follow certain rules. Mr. Obama took up the idea in a mid-June speech to the American Medical Association”.

    This is very much like my above comment about a “Good Samaritan” type law to protect MD’s from fearing using their “Best Judgment”; when working with patients.

    In closing these are my PERSONAL Opinions.

    Thank You

    A Very Concerned Citizen

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