Eric Holder. Most Disappointing Democrat of the Week!

Most Disappointing Democrat of the Week

Fresh off of dropping charges against his homies the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, Eric Holder has decided to go after CIA patriots who have protected us from terrorists. On September 12th, 2001, nobody would have believed we would fall so far in less than 10 years. President Hussein Hopenchange and his henchman Eric Holder have proven themselves to be petulant, revenge-seeking haters of America.

NY Republican Peter King recently said, “you have to wonder which side they’re on” speaking about the Hopenchange administration. I don’t have to wonder. They are nothing more than political activists from the anti-white, anti-America ilk. Every policy they have is designed to weaken the United States. From the massive borrowing in the non-working Stimulus Bill to the sky-high taxes that would be imposed under the Cap and Trade to the lunacy of ObamaCare. Now they are going after the nation’s intelligence apparatus! Our enemies could not be more content.

Obama and Holder are wildly overplaying their hand. Americans are tired of the madness of the Obama administration. After eight months of his presidency, we know we do not want his vision of a socialist, weak, bankrupt America. We do not want his borrowing and spending and we definitely do not want the CIA to be investigated on how they gathered intelligence from savage Muslim terrorists! By the way, the info gathered from enhanced interrogations on Khalid Sheikh Muhammad resulted in turning him from a sulking murderer to teaching classes to the CIA on Al-Qaeda techniques while providing information that stopped two terrorist attacks in the United States.

Holder is a anti-white racist. He is a corrupt activist who was behind the pardons for cash of Marc Rich and the Puerto Rican terrorists under the Clinton administration. His dropping charges of the Black Panthers shows he is not for enforcing the law…but pursuing an agenda. His investigation of the CIA is for political revenge for the America-hating left…of which he is proudly a member.

I say go ahead Obama & Holder.  Go ahead and do what you want.  Obama’s numbers are tanking big-time and Americans anger and impatience is rising…….rapidly.

So you boyz enjoy your power while you have it.   Just remember YOUR number will come up in 2012 when America elects a new President who will, thanks to you, feel  both compelled & justified in  investigating Obama and his minions for their policies & procedures.  Personally, I think they should all serve their time at Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaios’ Prison….they’d all look so sweet in Pink.

Eric Holder, enjoy your “most disappointing Democrat of the week award”… deserve it!

Here is an article on the attitude adjustment Khalid Sheikh Muhammad had from waterboarding and sleep deprivation:


8 Responses

  1. They are Chicago Crime Lords – pure and simple. They are exploiting the people as well as some of the best programs that actually help people for political gain, power and money. They abandoned the base of the party as Donna B. said they were going to do. Their big mistake was underestimating our intelligence..

  2. All this with the blessing of obama.

  3. The rest of them are all quilty as well.

  4. I agree with you 100%. When you have a moment, please read my blog about this idiot.

    The Wacky Obama Administration: Eric Holder, Attorney General

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