RIP Mary Jo Kopechne


Gee, if he hadn’t killed her he would have been president.  I guess we have to draw the line somewhere.  Fuck the Democrats.  He didn’t report the accident until the next day.  What kind of person does that and still expect/demand to be president?  I don’t give a rats ass if his last name is Kennedy.  He must have been adopted.


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  1. Thanks for this post showing the destroyed life of Mary Jo Kopechne….an example of one of the (“less important”?) people who die at the hands of self-coronated dynasty kings. That picture of the car in the water is horrible but important to remember… a young, smart, sweet girl robed of the majority of her life by a thoughtless golden boy.

    Regarding Kennedy, part of me feels guilty because I feel I should be more in mourning for Kennedy because…, perhaps, death in general is sad. But part of me also feels numb as I think of all the regular “no-body’s” who die everyday in this country that no one cares about. Don’t get me started on women & children murdered from spousal abuse, sexual abuse, & serial killers in this country.

    Anyway, I remember Kennedy was huge in being a king-maker for BO. Kennedy really helped with the whole destroy&discredit Hillary cabal & I’m also afraid that the White House will try to channel the Kennedy death into creating Obama as the new Camelot king. I know they are already using his death as a cynical leveraging of the BO’s Insurance reform(cough, cough, ehem,).. I mean health reform program.

    Thanks for your post Puma-SF… & also for the article by Hillaryis44. I’ll try to poke my head in more often, when I’m on-line! 🙂

    I don’t always comment but I still like to lurk & read fellow-Puma members articles to remain sane in BO flavored kool-aid nation 😕

  2. Madrigal: Thanks so much for stopping by. I love your comments and I’m sure I have seen you around the Pumasphere.

    I was just so pissed when I read the article about how if it hadn’t been for Mary Jo he would have been president. The Hillary Is 44 post pretty much summed up my feelings as well. I, too, like you feel as though I should be more upset but how can we be after the Kennedy family blantant disregard for Hillary. How could Caroline Kennedy believe the BS about the connection when everything Obama said about it was a lie. He was the king maker for Obama and I will never forgive him or any of them for what they did to her.

    You are always welcomed here so please comment away. Don’t be a stranger.

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