Hillary Clinton is no ventriloquist’s dummy: The Secretary of State has learnt to take her knocks like a man

I found this article in the comment section at Hillaryis44. And I love it.  h/t JanH

By Alice Fishburn

Kinshasa’s heat might have wilted her usually pristine pantsuit. But Hillary Clinton showed enough starch yesterday to win respect from any woman. Forced into dutiful wife mode by a seemingly sexist question, she firmly removed herself in ten little words: “My husband is not the Secretary of State. I am.”

Precisely so. Mrs Clinton’s fighting words sum up the drive that propelled baby-boomer women to power. Gags about her menopausal tantrum may have begun, but men with HRT punchlines should prepare for a punch of a different sort.

When it comes to endurance, Job has nothing on Mrs Clinton. Over the years she has lost her vision for healthcare, her husband’s fidelity and the Oval Office. But still she gets back up. Take this past week. She has met Nelson Mandela, spent time with refugees and rape victims and tactfully handled an offer of 20 cows and 40 goats for Chelsea’s hand in marriage. All while conducting the highest-level diplomacy.

How insulting then to find herself reduced to a ventriloquist’s dummy by the mistranslated question: “What does Mr Clinton think, through the mouth of Mrs Clinton?” You could see the exasperation in her eyes as all those meetings and briefings and long, long days faded into insignificance.

Marriage to Bill Clinton has never been easy. The clash of the titanic egos played out again last week. Hillary had just set off for Africa when Bill got a call from his old pal Al Gore. Next thing, he’s borrowed a jet from a playboy friend, zoomed off to North Korea and returned with two kidnapped reporters and the President’s thanks. Hillary had barely left the baggage reclaim area.

The flare-up in the Congo rings true with any woman who has been constantly defined in relation to a successful man in her life. “How much,” she seemed to be asking, “do I have to do to prove myself?” Nobody asks Barack Obama for Michelle’s views on the Dow Jones.

Many believe that Mrs Clinton’s great strength is her steely determination. But it’s the odd glimmer of humanity that explains her appeal. This is the woman who cheered up culinary illiterates when she said that she didn’t bake cookies, captured the sisterhood’s sympathy when she swallowed back tears in New Hampshire and still muscled her way into government.

So all hail to Hillary’s ability to ignore the knuckleheads and knuckle down. There have been no rows, spiteful asides or calculated positioning against Mr Obama. Her rigor mortis grin at the inauguration has been replaced by a fruitful partnership with the boss.

In short, she knows how to take her knocks like a man. And that’s a lesson every woman should learn.



4 Responses

  1. […] Hillaryis44 believes that everyone woman should take a leaf out of Clinton’s book – she stood her ground. But maybe she stood her ground a bit too much according to Joanna Molloy . She writes that it’s impossible to forget that Hillary is married to a former US president and she should just lighten up…simple. So should she have chilled out or was she right to lash out? […]

  2. I agree 100% with this article! The student question to Clinton was extremely sexist and she gave a terse answer that was wholly appropriate in these circumstances. She stands up for women rights in Congo and for her own rights and she’s been attacked for that? Give me a break! I say, bravo to SOS Clinton for speaking up forcefully on behalf of women. This is the 21st century and powerful women are not going to put a smile on their face when they are being insulted or demean in public because that’s what the patriarchal society has come to expect. SOS Clinton gave the perfect answer, the assorted sexists and misogynists will whine about her assertiveness and no body gives a damn because this is not a Miss Congeniality contest.

  3. She is a powerful woman and I am glad that she reacted the way she did. She never getsa break in the media that’s solely reserved for O’bloviator. It’s pathetic and disgusting. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. What about what Tina Brown and Andrea Mitchell said: “she was feeling fat” and “having a bad hair day”. Fuck these women and MoDo.

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