It is the one year anniversary of the day I met Hillary and the video that went viral. h/t simofish and ipuma


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  1. OMG. It’s been a YEAR? Feels…way more recent. wow..

  2. I remember this day well !!

  3. Me too, Simofish! Thanks for the heads up! Ironically, I still have dial-up, so can’t see that dumpy middle-aged woman (moi) there. I do remember it well, though! Hillary sent me a lovely personal letter later in response to some material I gave her that day. I was impressed.

  4. I will never forget that video, Simone. It was a memorable time!

  5. The days that followed were action packed. Simo and I were on radio shows and I talked to reporters from The Hill and CQ Politics. It was a big day and it squashed that article in the Post that quoted an “unamed source” saying Hillary did not want her name put into nomination. What could have been.

  6. Please repost this every year on this day.

  7. To me this time seems like eternity. I have never felt so helpless as when the obama machine steamrolled everyone and everything. No one tried to stop him as he lied his way through the election. The lies continue. The only good thing is…..people are starting to wake up and fine their voice.

  8. Betty: I hope you are right and that people are starting to wake up.

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