Was Nancy right? Or is Panetta part of a cover up?

panetta_pelosiCQ is reporting that Nancy may have been right.  It seems Panetta is now coming to her rescue:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gets cover from Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon E. Panetta, who has told lawmakers that CIA officials misled Congress “for a number of years” since 2001.

I’m not sure I believe this.  It just seems way too convenient.  I don’t trust Obama or anyone in his administration except for Hillary.  This smells like BO. Read more.

Panetta, who initially challenged Pelosi’s version of events, is walking back those claims. Peolosi now gets bragging rights.

Earlier this year, Pelosi accused the CIA of misleading her in briefings about the agency’s use of waterboarding, an allegation refuted by the agency and challenged by Republicans.

CIA spokesman George Little said “it is not the policy or practice of the CIA to mislead Congress.” Mr. Little said the CIA itself “took the initiative to notify the oversight committees” about the lapses.

Bragging rights?  Give me a break.


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