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Will you run with Sarah Palin?

sarahpalinrunningSarah Palin is an intelligent and successful woman who has been villified in the press, by the media, on the blogs and by people who I thought I knew better.  I don’t understand PDS but a lot of fucking people have it. 

My take on Sarah Palin is “she’s got guts” and I love gutsy women.  She is fighting back and I support her in that fight.  All the fucking frivolous law suits against her are costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are keeping her from focusing on her job – the people of the state of Alaska.  The accusations are all false and they don’t cost the pathetic accuser a bloddy cent.  Jeez, do you think ACORN is involved?  The attacks on her children have to stop now or Sasha and Melia are fair game but who wants to be called a racist?

I am glad that she is not going to run for re-election.  I want her to run for president .  I think her statement about not wanting to be a “lame duck” governor showed a lot of guts and I liked her comment about those who seem to do it anyway.  She knows exactly how much shit is going to be thrown her way and that could be exactly her point.  She’s going to go after the media and she needs some help.   I know she probably pissed off some people but fuck ’em.  So what?  Think of all that she has had to go through.  I support her.

CQ is reporting that Sarah Palin has posted a Facebook message asking you to join her and help our nation achieve greatness.  Check it out:

July 04, 2009

Palin Asks People to Join Her

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) posted a message to Facebook earlier today that slams the media for coverage of her resignation announcement — “predictable, ironic, and as always, detached” — and also sounds like she’s launching a national campaign of some sort.

“I shared with you yesterday my heartfelt and candid reasons for this change; I’ve never thought I needed a title before one’s name to forge progress in America. I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint. I hope you will join me. Now is the time to rebuild and help our nation achieve greatness!” 


This woman has guts and I am going to support her and so is Murphy.  I hope you will, too.

10 Responses

  1. I like her guts to, but can’t say i would want her as my pres. Policy has to count for something, and so far i know so little of her on that, except for that she is quite conservative. Only time will tell.

  2. She has said that her beliefs are her “personal” beliefs and so far I can’t see that she legislates or governs according to her beliefs. I think she is fair minded which is more then I can say for Obama. If she is a fiscal conservative then I can deal with that.

  3. PumaSF, then we don’t know. We don’t know until she states them one way or the other. And if we follow her without knowing is it any better than people who had no idea what zobama stood for? She’s got tons of time, we can wait til she speaks about policy, no? Better off waiting to hear what she thinks politically imo.

  4. That being said, the letter from her lawyers kick ass.

  5. I support her. But even if I didn’t, I would still defend her against the sexist attacks by the media and the Obamacrats. There is no excuse for any woman, regardless of their ideology, to be subjected to the treatment that she has been.

  6. I think we can support her as a woman who is being attacked first and foremost. I’m not sure exactly “why” but I trust her.

  7. georgiapeach: Sorry for being so slow the first time. I totally agree with you. I’ve been reading Carolyn Maloney’s book and it is an amazing resource for women’s groups and how to fight back. I hightly recommend it.

  8. I’m not sure why either Puma-SF, but I trust her too.

  9. She just seems “real to me.

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