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Jackie Norris and why she matters

profile_jackie_norris Norris is an Iowa insider who spent two years working for President Barack Obama in Iowa and was instrumental in both his Democratic caucus and general election victories there.

Norris left the East Wing in June 2009 to take a position as senior adviser to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Longtime Obama friend Susan Sher replaced her as the First Lady’s chief of staff.

After the campaign, she was named chief of staff for Michelle Obama. She returned to Washington, where she began her career as a congressional staffer before moving to the White House to work for Al Gore.

Norris worked closely with Michelle Obama as she decided what issues to tackle at the beginning of her husband’s administration. The First Lady made issues surrounding working families and military families her top priority and also focused on promoting healthy food.

Did you get that?  She is an Iowa insider and now she’s going to be the senior insider I mean adviser to the CNCS.  I wonder how she got her start.

Her Path to Power

Norris, a New York native, went to college at SUNY’s Geneseo campus. After graduation, she worked on Capitol Hill, spending seven years in the office of Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-N.Y.) before going to the White House. There Norris worked as Vice President Al Gore’s scheduler and as director of Scheduling and Advance for HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo.(1)

In 1998, she left the White House and moved to Iowa, where she worked on Tom Vilsack’s (D) gubernatorial campaign. She also served as Gore’s political director for Iowa during the 2000 presidential election.(2)

Then Norris moved out of politics. She earned her secondary education teacher certification from Iowa State University in 2002 and became a high school government and history teacher.(3) Norris went back to school again in 2005 after earning a fellowship for her work as a teacher. She studied the mobilization of young voters at Iowa State.(4)

Wow, did you catch that?  She studied the mobilization of young voters.  She must be involved with ACORN, right?  I think she had good intentions but she sold out just like everyone else.

Norris joined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007 and put her studies to the test, organizing huge number of voters for Obama during both the Iowa Democratic caucuses and the general election. “We are grateful to have Jackie play this important role in our organization,” campaign manager David Plouffe said after Norris was appointed Iowa state director for the general election. “The network of volunteers and grassroots energy built up during the historic primary season has given us an enormous and unprecedented opportunity in the general election.(5)

The house of cards may come tumbling down soon.  If we could get the media to actually cover the relevant stories instead of mush pieces about Obama and Mary Todd then we would all be a lot better off.  I am all for women and their rights and their role in politics but what has happened to their sensibility?







One Response

  1. “but what has happened to their sensibility?”
    This could be said about all of Washington, unfortunately for the USA!

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