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Got transparency?

What murphy says…

obama LIED to get elected and now he wants us all to forget about it and pretend it doesnt matter.

he promised his voters transparency on this VERY issue. He lied then and he is trying to spin this by hiding behind the troops.

he is a cowardly liar.

if he believed that the United States should torture detainees in some cases then he should have SAID SO THEN.

if he believed that transparency was a bad idea then he should NOT HAVE LIED and promised a NEW ERA of TRANSPARENCY.

If he gets away with this then he really IS no better than Bush — worse even.

Our government is supposed to have PRINCIPLES. America is supposed to be the good guys. As someone said earlier today, we won War World II against the Nazis and Japan without using torture.

And it’s not like the arab world doesnt already hate our guts for Abu Graib.

This is not change and obama has to be held accountable for his BLATANT LIE on this issue

Oh, she’s not done…

It’s not up to obama whether the pictures can be released. That’s a question for the courts to decide and the courts found that the pictures must be released by law. The United States federal courts do not make decisions based on a desire to gain publicity or pull a public relations stunt.

The pictures exist because US personnel took pictures of what they were doing to the detainees.

we have a government that is based on laws. and one of the laws is no torture. bush created this monster by ordering the troops and cia and private contractors to use torture.

obama promised to kill that monster and he was lying. He lied to the anti-war democrats in order to win their votes.

he lied to the anti-war democrats in order to beat Hillary. And he encouraged the anti-war democrats to depict her as a Republican, war-mongering maniac.

obama’s lies and swindles cost hillary the presidency.

I’m not letting him off the hook.

You are my hero, murph.

Another smokin’ woman.


2 Responses

  1. Transparency does the body politic good.

    Obama is a liar. You saw that. I saw that but why millions of Obama supporters did not see that is beyond me.

  2. I have no clue as to why other people have not seen this as we have. Either they don’t care or they have selective eye sight and hearing. There is no escaping the fact that Obama is an unqualified, lying hypocrite.

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