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Hey Janine…is Wanda Sykes a Racist too?

Does the fact that Obama is half black give him and every black person in America a pass to say whatever they choose with no consequence?  My god, Janine Garafalo labeled white people racists because they organized peaceful protests against Obama and Company increasing their taxes to pay so-called “non profit” organizations like ACORN millions to register dead people to vote or even worse, registering one person to vote 78 times!

I wonder what Janine Garafalo would say about Wanda Sykes Correspondents Dinner speech?  Watch Obama laugh as Wanda says that she wishes Rush Limbaughs Kidneys would fail…..and that Sean Hannity should be water boarded!  Someone might want to clue an obivously clueless Wanda Sykes in on the fact that her boy Barack is not only half white — but a product of a white upbringing.  His black half left him to fin for himself when he was still in diapers.  I can understand the need for someone like Wanda to idolize Barack Obama…..unfortunately she is ignorant to his true ethnicity, private school education and upbringing.

Evidently its not only the University, Colleges and Corporate Hiring standards that have been lowered to make way for  black americans…..stand up comedy and the presidency have too!


Joke or no Joke…..Obama laughed while Sykes wished Limbaugh dead?  This is hardly what one would expect from the Change Agent, the Candidate who campaigned on promises of ushering in a new era of civility and elevated debate in Washington?  The only thing that Obama has demonstrated a willingness to change is “his word”.

Wake me up in 2012!


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