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Support the Acorn 8

h/t hillaryis44 

These are very brave women. Marcel Reid, who still works for ACORN as a representative of the Washington, D.C. office, makes the case that the board is a sham, that someone or something else runs the organization. We have always noticed how so many ACORN workers are African-American or minorities, yet the leadership is decidedly white. Reid and Inman also say that many people are joining the resistance movement called “ACORN 8″.

We really like and appreciate Reid and Inman because they, like us, want to “follow the money”. They have a great deal of intelligent things to say about those that are entitled and those that are too poor and don’t know any better than accept the totalitarian fear state at ACORN:

3 Responses

  1. AMAZING!!!

  2. It’s amazing how corrupt activities of ACORN bring people together on basis on principle. We may have different solutions to what ails our nation from time to time, but when pigs like those who manage the beast called ACORN try to play us for fools, we come together in ways we never imagined. Let’s make them regret that they chose to play us against each other. It has always been to their benefit, not ours, to divide us. They never cared about any of us, regardless of party, race or class. They just worried about securing their power and making money. Make ACORN and it’s subsidiaries, a dirty word.

  3. ACORN was founded with good intentions just like Freddie and Fannie. They were started to hlep the underpriveledged. Unfortunately, the Democrats got greedy and saw how they could maninipulate the situation. Obama exploited them just like he did everyone. Hell, he got his start at ACORN. Remember how he won his first election? What a pathetic ass.

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