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Janine Garofalo needs a nice big cup of shut the fuck up.


12 Responses

  1. I find those who call people racists are really the ones who are racists.

    I agree with Lou Dobbs — what does she do besides go on news shows?

  2. I agree with simofish. His race never occurs to most of us who are not fans of Obama. There are plenty of valid reasons to oppose him beginning with his illegitimate “selection’ by the Dems. Add to that the lies, the sexism, the failure to respect the people of this country, the incompetence, particularly with regard to economic policy. The list is endless. Race is a non-issue for most of us. Those who are afraid to acknowledge that this man makes mistakes (he is mortal, isn’t he?), seem to be the ones always screaming about racism. That one factor about Obama seems to be his only defining characteristic for Garafalo and others of her mindset.

  3. freespirit: You are so right. The color of his skin was never a factor.

  4. Janine is a stupid as she is ugly. Racists? lol – No wonder Janines attempt at having her own radio talk show on Air America went down. I have an idea Janine – how bout we tax you – the pinnacle of tolerance and race relations – how bout we tax you 75% of your income. I mean, its not like you need the money right. Just enough to buy a can or two of campbells soup, a loaf of bread and a pound of cannibus is all you need. What an ass…….race? How could ANYONE with a even half a brain think that Tea Partys had anything to do with race? lol

  5. You tell her, enicks.

  6. I’m sure Garofucko doesnt count Jeremiah Wright as a racist. She’d probably say he’s a victim of the racist redneck’s oppression… I can’t be proud of my race, only other races can, fuck that piece of garbage!!!

  7. As usual another big mouthed liberal who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Being called a racist redneck isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever been called. I can’t wait to see the tea party folks show up at her concert. I hope the audience is full of them!

  8. Race is their way of trying to keep people with opposing views to be quiet for fear of being tagged a racist because yes, we just happen to have a black president during this time. Whenever a black group speaks against someone in power or against the government – Race never comes up!!

  9. It was never about race with Obama so to be called a racist just because you don’t think he’s qualified is pathetic. I know people who called the entire states of West Virginia and Kentucky racists just because they voted for Hillary. What about California and all the other states she won. I’m sick of the way my life has been since I first heard that man’s name. Can’t he just go away?


  11. who is is woman? never heard of her before. but as a teaparty racist, i must ask just which side of obama am i AGAINST,. WHITE OR BLACK? my poor brain can not handle all this tension! they wonder why education is failing, she is a prime example!

  12. this idiotic vitriolic piece of white trash should be instantly disregarded. she doesn’t know anything, has no intellectual discipline or honesty, and the feckless MSM pays her mind because she’s incendiary and was once a bad actress. it’s a pathetic media world we live in…..

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