Get your bucket !!!


OK, Barry is going to address Congress — get prepared.
1) bucket for throwing up your dinner
2) boots for all the bullshit that’s going to fly your way


14 Responses

  1. blah, blah, blah …… the worry I wake up with and sleepless nights is having to live with barry’s lying ass !!!

  2. I would give $500.00 to the person who runs the teleprompter if they would unplug it — right NOW.

  3. have we EVER heard a President give such accolades to a First Lady who said she was never proud of this country. First Lady – kiss my ass and go to Kenya…..we don’t need your second rate, I got into Princeton on lower test scores due to Affirmative Action Ass. How pathetic `can one get – Obama is a puppet and Michelle is a opportunist.

  4. What a fucking liar. Keep jobs in America? Then why piss all over “buy american” in the “stimulus bill” and go to Canada and say the opposite?

  5. Keeping jobs in America is a no brainer… simply write legislation and tax code that will reward those who create jobs and penalize those who outsource them(Charlie the rip off artist rangle). These fuckers, every single one of them ought to be tarred and feathered.


  6. woo-hooo…..checks are on their way! my gawd, how does this guy do it. It is remarkable that he can stand up there and utter this garbage. What checks? idiot.

  7. hey — here’s a playmate — what’s up !!

  8. I will bring you another bucket !!!

  9. I will bring you another bucket !!!

    that little girl doesn’t even want to look at shelly — she knows something

  10. I guess these next 4 years are going to be like watching Oprah — only black people get to win — whites need to apply


  12. He always walks around with this cocky swagger — i can’t stand him.

  13. Did anyone buy anything Obama was selling? Seriously? All this was – was a premptive warning that more freebies to the banks is on the horizon.

  14. Damn it. This looks like fun I wish I could have been here with you. The lady in the next bed had the blah blah on so I was forced to listen to a bit of it. I could only see Botox through the curtain and it looked like she was on a spring. She’d jump to her feet for any fucking thing. Fuck, I’m glad I didn’t hear that shit about Shelley. I hate that woman.

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