May 31st — Day the Democratic Party Left Me

Let’s not forget !! What were you doing that day? How did you feel?


7 Responses

  1. I will tell you how I felt…. I am from Michigan, and I was disgusted. I am also disgusted that the Michigan Democrats in this state voted for the dictator now in office after they were treated like a bunch of shit. I am appalled that MI and FL got behind this guy. Morons in this state I tell you.

    I will never get over what he got away with. I will be honest also and say I am still upset with Hillary for backing him. I cannot help it. I am getting better at that though.

    That man never came to MI during the primary, did not put his name on the ballot, and then all summer we had to listen to the BS about not counting the votes. How in Gods name could these people have voted for him? crazy, I can tell you virtually all of Detroit voted for him, for obvious reasons.

  2. AND one more thing…… I wanted to go to DC and blow up the place…. sorry, but you asked how I felt. 🙂

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  3. NYC area PUMA’s are working on a gathering that day.
    Details soon!!

  4. I cannot believe MI and FL went for him either. Fuck that shit. The convention was a shame. I kept thinking it will get better and instead it got worse. I cannot believe more people aren’t outraged. Seriously, how stupid, naive, immature, moronic, uninformed are these idiots? Puma’s in CA we are getting organized, too. Details coming. Be ready.

  5. Great news on the CA thing..I hope we can work together to get these people the hell out of there..DC needs an enema. I tell you one thing, my grandfather would be appalled if he were alive today to see what has become of the democratic party.

  6. You know I thought the same thing about Pennsylvania. They were called racists, biiter & the stupid ducks still voted for the guy. WAKE UP.

    Hillary is on her own. Love her. But on her own.

    I am having a BBQ at my house for all the Hilldogs in the Bay Area on May 31st.

    Fuck Nobama !!!

  7. I felt angry and disgusted. Everything I thought I knew, wasn’t real. We are not a nation of laws, the Democratic is NOT the party of the people nor the progressive voice in America. I also felt repulsed by a pudgy, pug faced, liar……Donna Brazile. After all that Bill and Hillary did for Donna Brazile – she would be a no name nothing if not for their continued support. That was the day that I realized what black americas real agenda was and is. They are taking this nation back to 1950……they are going to create the oppression and racism they have whined about for so many years now. I hope they enjoy there 2 seconds in the sun because its going to be short lived.

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