It’s Friday Night !! This one is for enicks !!


4 Responses

  1. Simo…..thank you so much!! Strange that you chose this song – I sang this, gold dust woman and nightbird last night (without the cool shawl). I’ve seen Stevie 4 times – and she gets teary-eyed when she sings certain songs — Gypsy is one of them. I love Stevies music and connect with it in ways that people just don’t get. To some people its just a song, just music….its more than that to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH…….I watched the vid 3 times before commenting.

  2. Alright I need to see and hear you sing,enicks. When can we arrange it?

  3. I would love for all of us to meet up for Karaoke. You name it and I will make arrangements to be there.

  4. Okay, we need to talk to Simofish and Oakland Puma. I can’t stand it any more I need to see and hear you.

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