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C’mon San Francisco, kick this inept twit to the curb!

Here is San Fran Nan….aka, Nancy Botox Pelosi, making a complete ass of herself.  Yep, here she is in a Press Conference – with flags galore behind her, showing America what  a twit she is.   


For the love of god, someone please tell Nancy that there are approximately 300 million people living in the United States of America.  You know, I always thought Botox Nan looked like she spent most of her time sitting on a barstool….she just confirmed it! 

This is painful to watch and oh so embarrassing.  This is the Speaker of the House?  God help us….and the Dems have the nerve to poke fun at Bush? 


4 Responses

  1. Yes, that’s my Nancy. Isn’t she grand? I’m trying to find out how much her little trip across the pond is costing us suckers. I mean tax payers.

  2. yeah Nan and 7 others jet setting off to Italy. Nancy met the Pope in private – evidently he shared with the press that he made clear the Vatican/Catholic Church’s position on when life begins and abortion. During the campaign Nancy said in numerous interviews that she was a lifelong Catholic and had long studied the subject and that the Catholic Church had not come up with a definition of when life begind? huh???? Yes, she actually said that. This woman is as dumb as soap.

  3. Well, I think the Pope gave her a spanking and isn’t it odd that he didn’t allow cameras. I guess he didn’t want any pictures taken with her. I mean I was baptised a Catholic and I even went to Catholic school but this religion needs to get real.

    We need to start the CA chapter of Puma Pac very soon.

  4. where do you find this shit — way too funny —– I am surprised she didn’t say “500 Million Americans in 57 States”

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