Our sincere apology to “The Chimps”

Have ya been hearing all the ballyhoo about this comic:

NY Post Cartoon


“Now they are going to have to get someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”


I took that to mean that “the folks that wrote the stimulus bill are as off the wall as this monkey.”

– political comics can be cruel and even stupid.  Big deal.  But I heard one of the black spin heads bring up the subject of sexism as a reason to be outraged at this comic and all I could think was BLACK FOLKS!  IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO ME FOR SUPPORT ON THIS ONE – Here you go:


You are too stupid to be compared to a monkey.


One Response

  1. Isn’t it interesting to see where black america focuses their time and attention? And they wonder why they are the “only” race that is yet to make something of themselves as a people (those are their words, not mine). Somehow, they have all but forgotten that Obama is 1/2 white and was in fact raised 100% by his white family. His father, the black half of Obama left him to fin for himself when he was in diapers – in order to selfishly pursue his own dreams – that never came true. 100% of Obama’s success can be attributed to his white family, i.e, his white mother, grandmother and grandfather who raised him, educated him and cared for him – sorry folks those are the facts…..deal with ’em. What did Chimps ever do to deserve being compared to Obama or Black People?

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