Rome is burning and Barky needs a mani-pedi.

Unbelievable, the country is on the brink of a depression.  Businesses are closing at a frightening rate and 10,000’s of people are losing their jobs on a daily basis including our own SM.  States like my own are on the brink of bankrupcy and I ask myself how in the fuck did we end up with this guy.  Instead of governing and finding solutions (like Hillary would have done)  what does he do?  He goes to the spa.

We know all this “presidentin'”  is real hard so I’m sure he needed to kick back and take a break.  Or perhaps a facial or a mani-pedi would make him feel whole again.  It seems our illegitimate president is a restless soul .

It didn’t take long before Balack and Shelley got bored of the White House and all those people axing questions so they decided to go read to some kids.  Or perhaps they were just in need of another photo op:


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit secon... (Pool / Getty Images)

He must have said too many “um ugh, or ehrs’ because she is shootin’ him some daggers.  I don’t know but this may not have been such a good idea.  Shelley’s not lookin’ so fine.

Now we hear he and the family feel the need to get out of dodge again.   It looks like “that one”  needs a retreat  so they flying to  Camp David on Saturday and are coming back on Sunday.  Does this guy even care about the environment or the cost of gas?  Does he even have one presidential bone in his body?  He actually called Air Force One his “spiffy new ride“.  Don’t forget that in order to get to Air Force One he had to take a spin on Marine One.  And look he’s finally learned how to salute.  Do you think he’s wearing a lapel pin?

Obama's First Ride on Marine One


4 Responses

  1. Where they reading “My Pet Goat” ? It has become a classic…

  2. He’s struggling with his smoking addiction. Probably in a fowl mood. That’s why he needs to get out of the “House”

  3. great post !!!

    ha, ha Masha — you might have something there —- smoking in the woods of Camp David

  4. Have you ever seen such big white chompers on a smoker? I bet “the one the world has been waiting for” pays more in one year to keep his nicotine stained chompers white – than the folks he’s gonna give the stimulus plan infrastructure projects to earn in an entire year! I hear he’s pretty much emptied all the “Nicorette” from the shelves in the DC area.

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