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Hello Comrades….Let Socialism Reign!

Do your patriotic duty; fund ‘SCHIPS’ by smoking a cigarette!


President Obama just signed SCHIPS which btw will require an additional 24,000 smokers to fund.  The program will be paid for through taxes on cigarettes.  So if you smoke, let me thank you for doing your part to bring healthcare to American Children.  And if I might be so bold  to ask that you continue your patriotic duty by increasing your own habit and go from one pack to two and in addition, recruit a friend, a child or an adult family member to light up along with you.

Our government is slowly but surely “nationalizing” our banking system and if Maxine Waters of California represents the direction of the Obama Administration……nationalizing banks is just the tip of the iceburg!  

 Listen to this COLOSSAL slip of the tongue…..


16 Responses

  1. You right wingers really do like to create an air of fear don’t you.

    I’m becoming more and more aware that you guys have absolutely no idea what Socialism is.

  2. SCHIPS consists of $33 billion to fund healthcare to low-income families? Don’t we already have that — its called Medicaid? What middle income working families….or those that are upper middle class working without health insurance. Encouraging people to smoke to pay for it just about says it all. There is no fixing ‘stupid’…..geezuz.

  3. futiledemocracy. right wingers? lmao….not a right winger, but i have a competent brain. No wonder you don’t know what socialism is, you voted for a guy that admitted to having no experience, but good judgement? lol Good judgment as in 3 cabinet appointments that didn’t pay their taxes and one being investigated by a grand jury. I suggest you & yours start using your brain or you’re gonna find yourself cookin squirrel over an open fire under some freeway overpass.

  4. Oh jesus, oh yeah, we’re right wingers, alright. What a fucking idiot. Go drink some more Koolaid but first you should try pulling your head out of your ass. You’ll have a better chance of seeing what is going on right in front of your face. Fucking moron.

  5. Yeah Puma, these morons like futiledemocracy are still livin off of Mom & Dad & student loans – partying in the dorm everynight and waking up with a Schlitz Malt Liquor hangover every morning. Too young, lazy and ignorant to know anything about socialism or the history of it. Dickless wonder…..

  6. Karl Rove was even saying this guy is “winging” it — barry has no clue what to do.

    He’s not ready on day 1 nor does he have the judgement. LOSER.

  7. the barry administration is blowing up and it’s only 2 weeks old


    Then there is this —- he tells everyone else to step up and sacrifice — fucking loser


  8. i agree simofish, obama is not ready on day one….what on earth is he doing? Trying to stimulate the economy by testing for STD’s and giving away free contraceptives. And now he’s trying to shove a Deputy Attorney General down our throats that worked for Playboy & Penthouse who believes it against a 14 year old girls constitutional right to notify her parents before she has an abortion. I am beginning to wonder if Obama is still experimenting with drugs?

  9. that story about nobama turning the heat up contradicts the tongue lashing he gave the people of Washington DC a week or two ago – telling them that they needed to start toughing the cold weather like Chicagoans. He was saying that kids in Chicago go out to recess to play in ice-storms. Maybe the kids go out for recess in the freezing cold, but Obamas such a little wimp that he has to crank the heater up to keep his wimpy ass arms warm. LOSER…..

  10. he’s a liar, liar pants on fire

    i want something huge to stick to him — like bill and moncia == like george w and mission accomplished

  11. The media needs to get over their crush with him first. I think that is beginning to happen…..even Rachel Maddow was bagging on him and she was lovedrunk with him during the campaign. The true test will be Matthews – I wonder if that whole leg tingling thing is still happening, or if it has passed. Its scary to see what we have running the country right now. Is it just me or does Obama look like a 12 year old boy and Geithner, 13.

  12. I think Matthew’s sphincter is tingling

  13. Fuck Rachel Maddow. I really hate her guts.

  14. Puma-SF —- lets go kick her ass next time she’s in town. She’s no lesbian sister of ours.

  15. I’m with you, let’s go. In fact I think her mother lives in SF.

  16. It’s a sad day when health care has to be paid for by cigarette smokers. I guess BHO got that brilliant idea from Bloomberg when they met in that coffee shop last year. NYC is doing the same thing while simultaneously running the most aggressive anti-smoking campaign I’ve ever seen. Begs the question: is it hypocrisy or do they really not want the health care? In NYC, cigarettes are now $8.50/pack. Whatever…

    Rest easy, you guy , I’m doing my part, no nicotine patch for me!!!

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