Breaking news: Obama still smokes and so does his half-brother George.


obama_smoking3Obama’s Half Brother Arrested on Drug Charge
Saturday, January 31, 2009 10:00 AMArticle Font Size 

NAIROBI, Kenya — The half-brother of President Barack Obama was arrested for alleged possession of marijuana on Saturday near his home in a Nairobi shantytown, police said.
George Obama, who is in his 20s and barely knows the president, had one joint of marijuana on him, said Joshua Omokulongolo, the police chief in the area.
“He is not a drug peddler,” Omokulongolo told The Associated Press. “But it’s illegal, it’s a banned substance.”
George Obama has a court appearance scheduled Monday morning.
He and the president have the same father, who died in a car crash in 1982.
Several of President Obama’s Kenyan relatives went to Washington, D.C., for his inauguration, but George was not among them. He lives in Huruma with extended family.
Media reports about him surfaced over the summer, after a magazine article said he lived in a shack and earned a dollar a day. George Obama has called the reports insulting.
“I’m proud of how I live,” he told The Associated Press in an interview over the summer. “(The media) are tarnishing the family name.”
He also said he was studying to be a mechanic and works with a local youth group in Huruma.
In President Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father,” he describes George Obama as “a handsome, roundheaded boy with a wary gaze.”
George is the youngest of the senior Obama’s seven children, born six months before his father died.


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  1. Obamas half brother says he barely knows Obama….grab a number & get in line bro! 52% of America believes that your brother was raised by a “poor white kansas born women” who also lived in Washington State, Hawaii, Indonesia and Jakarta. Who somehow managed to be working – full time univesity college student – living on welfare but able to afford to put her son through elite private schools. Yet, when she was on her death bed, your brother Barack couldn’t manage to find the time to make his way to her bedside to say his final good-bye. The American media is more concerned with your pot smoking than they ever were looking into your brothers cocaine use. The American Media is more concerned with your pot smoking than they helping you and/or 48% of America find out “who” your brother really is and where he really came from.

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