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Condescending Terrorist, Bill Ayers comes to the Bay Area.

features_ayers12 Obama’s pal and confidante, Bill Ayers came to the Bay Area yesterday to hawk his new book. Apparently,  he also came here  to spew more of Obama Messiah’s bull shit “call to arms”.

Bill Ayers, the 1960s radical who was the subject of GOP accusations last year that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists,” urged a student audience at St. Mary’s College in Moraga Wednesday to take up social activism, saying that in the recent election Americans “did not elect a monarch or a king.”

He also used the podium to make several digs at Sarah Palin. At one point he even smirked about them joining forces:

“I was going to propose that Sarah Palin and I have a talk show called ‘Pallin’ Around,’ ” Ayers said in his opening comments, which got laughs.

It seems he feels his association with Obama has given him some street cred:

Then, looking around at the standing-room-only crowd, he added: “Had it not been for the recent presidential campaign, there would be 22 of you here.”

The one thing about this guy that really bothers me is his holier then thou attitude.  I certainly don’t condone bombing or hurting people but I too was a radical in the sixties.  I know the importance of protesting and taking to the streets.  I was very familiar with Bill Ayers and the SDS and the Weather Underground.  My own cousin was arrested for stashing dynamite  under her floor boards for them .  Those were volatile times.  MLK and RFK were assassinated.  The Viet Nam war was under way.  We were all affected.  My sister’s fiance was killed in the war.  All movements have their time and place.  Just like this is the time for the Puma Movement.  However, if you are going to run for President you should not be friends with a convicted terrorist.  You should also not buy your house from a man suspected of money laundering but that’s just me.

He takes another swipe at Sarah Palin and this one shows just what a sexist misogynist pig he truly is:

“I don’t know what they’re protesting actually, but if the last few months are any indication, they’re protesting a cartoon character that shares my name and likeness, but it’s not me,” he told The Chronicle before his speech, adding that the McCain-Palin campaign had attempted to turn him into a “monster.”

The press tried to say that all the protesters were “conservatives” but that was not the case.  An alumni and former class president had this to say:

“They’re not getting my check again,” said Maloney, the president of the college’s 1985 graduating class, as she stood outside with a sign. “I’m for free speech, but I’m not for a terrorist. The college is drifting from its values.”

We are very skeptical of Bill Ayers and his education philosophy,  the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and how it all connects to Obama.  We are also quite curious about the role that these two men, Obama and  Ayers play into the education philosophy of our new Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

We will discuss this in a future post.  Here is the article for your own perusal.  In the meantime please check this out:


2 Responses

  1. I would love to see this little coward say this to Sarahs face….wussy. If he’s so damn interested in helping the poor, he move his useless butt outta Hyde Park and spread some of the millions Barack got for him while serving in the state legislature (and theres more making its way to him from Obamas BIG STIMULUS plan)

  2. How in the hell did Obama get away with this? How in the hell did Ayers get to the position he has now? It could happen only in a city and state as corrupt as Chicago, Illinois. I do not understand how the American people could let this happen again. Garbage in and garbage out.

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