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Blago; Rahm Hypocrisy & Bank of America troubles

While much of the focus of Gov. Blagojevich’s impeachment has focused on accusations he was trying to auction off President Obama’s vacant Senate seat, there are many other elements to the Articles of Impeachment.


Blagojevich, in addressing the state Senate on Thursday chose to dwell on some of the weaker parts of the impeachment charges. He never addressed the significant abuse of power allegations, including trading contracts, legislation and appointments for campaign cash.

Two of weaker charges filed against Blagojevich stem from ill fated actions taken during his first term involving purchase of flu vaccines without proper approval, making the sale illegal and trying to import prescription drugs from Canada and other countries a few years ago without consent of the Food and Drug Administration.

Blagojevich correctly told the state Senate on Thursday that the mover behind the drug importation issue was then Rep. Rahm Emanuel, now President Obama’s chief of staff. The FDA proved to be a toothless tiger in the drug importation movement and never seriously tried to either approve or block any importation plans put in place by a relatively small number of cities and states.

That’s the context. Blagojevich said if the state senate fires him, than Emanuel should be tossed out too.   Look at Obama squirm when questioned by reporters….

Referring to having Illinois bring in prescription drugs from other states, Blagojevich said, “And I loved the idea, and we did it. And then so did Wisconsin, and so did Kansas, and so did Vermont. If you’re impeaching me for
providing safe and affordable prescription drugs by going to Canada and getting the same medicines made by the exact same companies, then the governor of Wisconsin ought to be impeached, the governor of  Kansas ought to be impeached, the governor of Vermont ought to be impeached.

“And while we’re at it, let’s reach right into the United States  Senate and let’s expel John McCain and Ted Kennedy because I worked with them on this issue of the re-importation of prescription drugs.  And then let’s not stop there. Let’s demand that President Obama fire Rahm Emanuel because Rahm Emanuel was the one who gave me this idea.  If you’re going to throw me out of office for something like this,  then how can those guys stay in the offices that they have?

“Here again is an issue that happened in the first term, not the second term, and everybody knew about it. And in spite of the criticism, and I understand all that, the people of Illinois elected me a second time knowing what I did with regard to prescription drugs for our senior citizens. ”


Blago stepped out of line. He did not cowtow to Obamas Chief of Staff & Israel’s man in the White House. He spoke up for the working man the day before he was arrested – he went after Bank of America & against the big pharma in importing drugs from Canada.

Blago threatened to go after Bank of America for enriching themselves with the TARP $$$ rather than using the funds as mandated by Congress.

Impeachment action against Blago became ‘public’ after he went to the site of the union takeover of a closed factory and promised to quit doing the state’s business with Bank of America as punishment for their part in said factory closing its doors. 

Always look at things from the elite’s point of view (Obama & Emanuel for example) to get the big picture. Remember Eliot Spitzer and his instant loss of power when attacking the Bush slapdown of state’s rights in preventing consumer fraud regarding the housing crises?


People, wein yourself off the Obamapablem…..do you really believe that Obama isn’t cut from the same cloth as Blago, Rezko and the rest of the Corrupt Chicago Policitical family?  Come on….


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  1. It would truly be grand if Emanuel were forced out and I’m sure Obama would sell him down the river in a heart beat. Fuckers.

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