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Obama & New Rules….what a joke!

obama-idiotsPresident Obama no sooner got done giving a ‘press conference’ to hear himself talk & to showcase his new rule and hardline approach to ‘no lobbyists’ allowed to work in his administration — when he had an ah-o moment requiring him to spend some of his political capital by asking for a waiver of his own “new rule” which would have prohibited him from bringing Registered Raytheon Lobbyist William Lynn on board as his Deputy National Security Advisor.   (pathetic moron)

Well – sometimes, you’ve just gotta break the rules – even when they’re your own.  Kinda like when Donna Brazile and the DNC broke the rules by taking delegates that acutally belonged Hillary Clinton and sliding them over to the Obama column in order to make him the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Seems that Mr. Transparency & The Candidate of Fake Hopium & Change didn’t think things through to well before he opened his big mouth.  Although this is not really change – Obama accepted millions from lobbyists during his campaign….and lets face it, he raised nearly $250 million from”un-named” sources via pre-paid visa cards! 

Abbra Cadabbra….pouf, here he is breaking a rule…..this time – its his own!  (good grief, what an idiot)  Maybe Campbell Brown shoulda pulled herself away from the hooka long enough during the campaign to realize that this guy is nothin’ but a two bit shyster in an empty $5,000 suit! 

Maybe she was having her make-up done when the rest of us were listening to him break his promises about FISA & giving immunity to telecoms for illegal wiretaps and going back on his word to participate in Public Financing of his Campaign….etc, etc.


4 Responses

  1. I guess we’re supposed be happy that she finally came around but this isn’t good enough. If she wants to prove herself or rather redeem herself she’s going to have to keep at it.

  2. Yeah I agree Puma-SF, this is a good start – but if she wants to be considered an objective, real journalist, she has a lot more of this type of reporting to do.

  3. At least learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before making a political stab.

  4. Shut up and go away. We didn’t create the graphic.

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